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The Sims 4: Get to Work! DLC

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87 /100
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15 February 2016
Review by Jess

Game bought on IG

best expansion pack so far, adds a lot of new activites and the "go to work" action is great. The career are interesting, maybe a little repetitive after some time but you have many hours of fun guaranteed.

  • the new go to work function is great
  • a bit repetitive after some time

10 January 2019
Review by Meg (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Love this pack and game! love this website to buy games!! wow! Wpuold 100% recommend to a friend who is looking to buy games for a slightly better price! love this extension pack because it makes sims for interactive and stuff

  • Aweomse
  • Cheapest
  • blank

10 April 2018
Review by KittHaven

Game bought on IG

I love Get To Work, it's one of my favourite expansions! I especially love the aliens, and the scientist career... I have found that now I never make Sims have other jobs because I'd rather go along and join them as a doctor, detective, or scientist!

  • Aliens!
  • Explore planet Sixam
  • 3 new careers
  • Go along to the 3 new careers with your Sim!
  • Discover aliens in your neighbourhood in disguise
  • Nothing I can think of

10 July 2017
Review by JuricaNoob

Game bought on IG

Great and best DLC in my opinion, adds much more stuff into the game, more work options, more items to buy, I can't remember it all! Definetly buy it now or in the future because it's great.

Sincerely, Me

  • More work options
  • More items to buy
  • Adds more fun to the game
  • no cons!
  • no cons!
  • no cons!
  • no cons!
  • no cons!

12 June 2017
Review by sofy.potter (read 6 reviews)

È il primo expansion pack che ho comprato ma,adesso che li ho tutti,mi sento di dire che è il meno bello.Carina l'idea degli alieni,delle carriere attive e dei negozi, realizzati molto bene ma è tutto qui. Avrei voluto una maggior caratterizzazione dell'espansione. Ve la consiglio solo se avete già le altre❤️

  • Negozi

18 July 2016
Review by gamer-8730d2

Game bought on IG

I already know how awesome the sims 4 is for me. and I can't wait to purchase every single expansion pack they have. I like how you can experience being a doctor or scientist or even a retail store owner !! that's awesome

  • a lot of new details to control
  • nothing !!

05 December 2015
Review by gamer-b56154

Game bought on IG

This is BEST expansion pack I have (Its first)... I know Get togheter is most betterest pack now,biu this is PERFECT.I think you need to make more jobs... I wish there are more... That is what I think is a little bit bad... BUT I LOVE THIS!!!!

  • I really like retail shops!
  • Its need more jobs

22 October 2015
Review by Happy!

Game bought on IG

Sims has always been a favourite and this expansion is definitely worth while for all Sims lovers out there who like to build on their experiences :) many thanks to IG for making the origin download good priced, quick and very accessible!

  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • good range of bonus content
  • plenty new activities
  • quite a large file as Sims always is

21 October 2015
Review by Bex

Game bought on IG

Quick service but had to put a lot of personal details should be less personal info but thanks for good service means a lot! :) should try to rethink about the peoples person info (drivingLiscene) thanks

  • Quick service
  • Lots of personal details..

06 August 2015
Review by Andrew Price

Game bought on IG

Great fun as always with The Sims series, lots of unique and interesting features and items in game. But as always with The Sims titles, it can get a little repetitive, just remember to play in small doses!

  • Fun
  • Unique challanges
  • Low Longevity if played the same way each time

22 May 2015
Review by Phalanx235 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Its fun to play and gives you days of things to do without getting bored. Although it does start to be a bit of a bore if you are doing the same thing over and over again. Overall the game is good and is worth a play.

  • Fun
  • Great Gameplay
  • Hours of Fun
  • Unique
  • Can get boring if the same thing is repeated
  • Can run out of things to do

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