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Cyberpunk 2077 for PC is a first-person shooter game, but one with a difference. Set in a dystopian Free State of California, the rules of the nation and the state no longer apply. Instead, playing as a mercenary named V, the player must work their way around the city, attaining their goals and battling enemies as they go. About the Game Seven years in the making, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be living up to all the hype generated by its introduction at E3 in 2019. Set fifty-seven years aft...
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Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 for PC is a first-person shooter game, but one with a difference. Set in a dystopian Free State of California, the rules of the nation and the state no longer apply. Instead, playing as a mercenary named V, the player must work their way around the city, attaining their goals and battling enemies as they go.

About the Game

Seven years in the making, Cyberpunk 2077 looks to be living up to all the hype generated by its introduction at E3 in 2019.

Set fifty-seven years after the table-top game upon which it is based, Cyberpunk 2020, the graphics are exquisitely rendered with characters, scenery and even actions and movements so realistic that they could be mistaken for movie footage.

As you play through the narrative driven game, it is possible to play without killing any other characters, using non-lethal weaponry and strategies that keep you out of serious confrontations of the sort that tend to become lethal.

The game features full nudity, as players are able to upgrade their bodies with modifications that give them extra powers and capabilities, and they need to strip down in order to fit their new limbs and attachments.

New Details

One of the biggest unique selling points of this game is the fact that Keanu Reeves is heavily featured in the game. He plays a character called Johnny Silverhand, who is the lead singer from a band, Samurai, whose songs contain lyrics relevant to V’s state of mind and his life.

Silverhand, an original character from the table-top game, is dead in this time, but ‘lives’ in V’s head. This means that the character has more lines of dialogue than any other character save V, who is the protagonist.

Reeves was a surprise unveiling when the third trailer dropped, and gave the release date to excited fans, keen to get to grips with the latest offering from CD PROJEKT RED, famous for giving us the beloved Witcher games.

Ways to Play

  • Skills: You can play your way through the game, relishing the agility that V has on his or her feet (the character is fully customisable as to clothing, gender, size and so much more), racking up a high kill rate as you dodge from behind walls or vehicles to take down your enemies as quickly and accurately as you can.

  • Smart Rifle: Using the Smart Rifle is a good way to target your enemy. Simply lock on to their avatar, then send a bullet after them. The bullet will pursue the character until it catches up with them. An efficient way to rid yourself of nuisances while getting on with the rest of your mission.

  • No Kill: There is no moral code on the game, meaning that you can storm through the game killing anyone and everyone who annoys you if that is the way that you like to play. However, there is no need to kill anyone at all. Challenge yourself to work through the game in a non-violent way, trading and dealing with non-playing characters (known as NPCs).

  • NPCs are important to the game – take Johnny Silverhand as a case in point – and you can interact with them, befriending and even marrying them. Therefore, the no-kill play method can open up a whole new world for you, introducing you to characters and their backstories in a way that you will not experience should you simply blast them out of your way.


    There is no fixed aim for the game. Instead V must travel around the city, working to find health points and mods, avoiding or killing villains and generally just living their best life. Think of it as a world away from the real world: somewhere that you can be someone a little different.

    Cyberpunk 2077 for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.



    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor: Core i7-6700 or Ryzen 5 1600
    • Memory: 12 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon RX 580 8GB or Arc A380
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 70 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: SSD required. Attention: In this game you will encounter a variety of visual effects that may provide seizures or loss of consciousness in a minority of people. If you or someone you know experiences any of the above symptoms while playing, stop and seek medical attention immediately.

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    Game review score based on 1103 reviews

    Best reviews

    I just cant describe how much fun I had with this game since the beginning when it was still buggy.

    I love the main story and also the story from the new DLC and my hopes were high for this game ever since it came out.
    • Story
    • gameplay
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    <3 Simply masterpiece. You have to play this at least once in your life to feel complete. Without this your life is meaningless. Night City needs you and you must answer the call. Experience RIDE OF YOUR LIFE TODAY!!!!
    • story
    • gameplay
    • no new game plus
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    Recent reviews

    I waited few years and finally decided to give it a try

    This game surpassed my expectations

    Immersive story rich fun and interesting

    took years but the purchase is worth it 100% now

    Just driving a car around Night City and listening to music is a whole vibe

    Experience like no other

    • Gameplay
    • Story rich
    • Amazing visuals and art style
    • Simmilar "gigs"/side missions
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    Good.Love the game they managed to fix this game i was pretty disappointed as it first released i pre ordered the game and had big hopes tho, now after a while i decided to buy the game again for Pc and i cant lie its probably the best choice i could've made. it runs smooth on high graphic settings and has a great atmosphere i love how the game is more alive now! so for anyone who is not sure if they should buy it i just can say do it its really worth it now!

    • Open world
    • Action
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    I downloaded this game from and the game will not run due to an unknown error. I have spent hours trying to make the game work and I can't even get a refund for it. Would not reccomend buying from ever unless you would like to waste money. Extremely dissapointed

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    Love the game they managed to fix this game i was pretty disappointed as it first released i pre ordered the game and had big hopes tho, now after a while i decided to buy the game again for Pc and i cant lie its probably the best choice i could've made. it runs smooth on high graphic settings and has a great atmosphere i love how the game is more alive now! so for anyone who is not sure if they should buy it i just can say do it its really worth it now!
    • Great Open World!
    • Smooth gameplay!
    • Story
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    Highly recommended to everyone that loves open world games. Story is great with lot of twists that makes it even better. A lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit. New 2.1 update and phantom liberty is the best update so far, changes and improves the game so much. 9.3/10
    • Story
    • Graphics
    • Huge map and beautiful city
    • Couple of bugs still remain unfixed
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    I recommend this game to someone who likes open world, advanced and easy to master combat and open world with alot of side mission,main mission,random encounters and choices matter type thing thinking about buying the phantom DLC and review it aswell!
    • Amazing graphics
    • open world
    • choices matter
    • Bugs (not too much)
    • game takes a bit longer to load if you alt tab
    • should have made the main story longer
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    This Game had a long journey !

    but DAAMN the end result makes it a pure gem for years to come .

    do a new play true and add the dlc to it , its a complete other game then what it was with realease ...
    • Addictive storyline
    • behind every corner u discover something new
    • multiple story perspectives
    • base game Full graphics u need a beefy pc
    • .
    • .
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    One of the best purchases i made!! i purchased it due to me losing my previous account to a virus but now that i have it back im back and even finished the game. The code came to me instantly and even worked
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Review

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a visually stunning open-world RPG with a complex story and a variety of choices to make. The game features a deep character customization system and a variety of weapons and cybernetic implants to choose from.

    The game was launched in a very buggy state, but it has since received a number of patches that have improved its stability and performance. However, there are still some technical issues present, and the game can be quite demanding on hardware.

    Despite its flaws, Cyberpunk 2077 is a unique and ambitious game that offers a lot of value to players. It is a must-play for fans of the cyberpunk genre.

    Score: 8/10
    • Visually stunning open world
    • Complex story with a variety of choices
    • Variety of weapons and cybernetic implants
    • Technical issues
    • Bugs
    • Shallow side content
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    Its worth every cent yes at the relase it was a mess but they fixed it and now its an amazing game.

    Yes the FPS is sometimes weird and there are drops in some ares but most of the time it runs amazingly and the story is just soo good
    • great story
    • amazing characters
    • amazing graphics and Ray Tracing
    • FPS is weird sometimes
    • still some glitches
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    Overall a very good game, could be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first. Some boss fights felt a bit goofy. And with the 3 starting origins I thought there would be 3 completely different playthroughs but it just changes the start and then sprinkles some extra dialogue which doesn't affect gameplay so that was a let down. Watch some youtube videos or do some more research before you buy ?
    • Visually appealing ?
    • Side missions feel important
    • Good voice acting
    • Cannot be ran on lower end PCs
    • Has a couple bugs (none game-breaking, usually just goofy visual bugs)
    • Your choices don't alter the story enough (IMO)
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    It's just absurd! My copy of Cyberpunk 2077 expires in 2030, as if I needed a timer to rush my gaming experience. And, to add to my irritation, those Gameivo codes I've purchased? They never, ever expire. It's almost like they're taunting me.

    I mean, really, who wants to be tethered to a game for a whole decade? It's not like Night City is going anywhere. I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of endless adventures, side quests, and distractions.

    And don't even get me started on CD Projekt Red's ongoing support. They keep adding new content and updates. How am I supposed to move on to other games when they keep pulling me back into Night City?

    So, here I am, stuck in a never-ending cybernetic nightmare, all thanks to a game that won't let me go. It's like I've become a permanent resident of Night City, and there's no way out.
    • good game
    • expires in 2030
    • Gameivo tops
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    good game but do not buy from GOG, the downloads are extremely slow and takes forever on GOG galaxy regardless of your internet connection, also mods made the game unplayable had to reinstall, overall this is a good game

    • good, and some improvements for QOL
    • enjoyable and great stroy
    • police now respond better AI
    • slow download on gog
    • mods crashed game had to renistall
    • slight input lag
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    Cyperpunk is a wonderfull game, and there is so much for you to do.

    And the story are getting you hooked.

    But the bugs, there are so many bugs and it do surprise me that after 3 years they still haven't fix it.

    • Story
    • Gameplay
    • Character creation
    • Bugs
    • Bugs!
    • BUGS!
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    I have decided to give it a chance since it has been in my library for quite a while. It was a good decision, although I haven't finished the first playthrough yet. The graphics still hold up to this day. The story is good, and there are many likable characters in it. As for the combat system, they nailed it as well. At first, I felt it was weak, but as I gradually invested more hours into it, it started to get better and better. There are plenty of interesting things to do in the game, so I highly recommend it to open-world enthusiasts!
    • Graphics
    • Combat
    • Story
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    Really love the game. Started the Netflix series and liked it a lot. So I thought why not buy the game because it takes place in the same setting. To be honest it really is a great game. If u liked the series you should definitely play this game!
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    Rly good story, Recommend watching edgerunners. Kinda short but it has multiple endings. good graphics. Bugs were fun tbh but theres not much of em maybe in desert.

    So if you have gud PC I would go for it.


    Sadly Adam Smasher is somehow weak af so go for him in middle of the story and not at the end to have some fun
    • graphics
    • story
    • endings
    • specs needed for it
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    Amazing game with great story and lots of options on how to play the game itself. It also has amazing modding community. Game is way different from what it was like during the launch. It has changed a lot and been improved as well. 10/10
    • Great story
    • Lesser bugs than before
    • Can be modded
    • Still can be a little buggy
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    Great game with a great story and a lot of interestting quests. No bigger problems. Makes fun with mods :) So I hope there will be a even better successor to this game.

    Getting the key easy and worked without problems.
    • Great story
    • Some bugs
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    it's okay. I think for me the main issue is that the game should have way more customization options for body parts and weapons, instead of clothes and basically weapon runes. Which i think would also serve gameplay more. Other than that i think cars should probably have more weapons or something, especially robocar.
    • story is good
    • sidequests are great
    • looks and world
    • meagre customization
    • gameplay falls a bit flat
    • map is filled with fillercontent
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    The game has a great story and the difficulty scaling is really fitting until the very end game, where you get a good build and you can just demolish everything. Immersion is really nice, especially if you have the right hardware to run the thing and on the latest patch I dint find any major bug or performance issue
    • Story
    • Immersion
    • Fun gameplay
    • Not easy to run
    • It only now delivers what it should have been at launch
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    This game is incredibly awesome, it will catch you immediately.

    All in this game is great. Not only the main story, the secondary stories are awesome too. The ambientation and graphics are incredible.

    A must to have on every gamer library.
    • Incredible ambientation
    • Character movements and interactions
    • Main story
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    One of the best AAA modern RPGs ever made. It scratched that Skyrim itch that has been killing me for years, and one can only replay Skyrim's many different versions so many times. This game does almost everything better than Skyrim as well, whether you want to admit it or not.
    • Beautiful world
    • Awesome character builds to try
    • Great story, sidequests, and interesting characters
    • Terrible police system (not too important)
    • No faction system
    • Story is too short
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    Becca is the best girl, honestly, I never imagined buying this game after being shafted on Xbox with it, but I will avenge my girl, Becca. Adam Smasher is going to get killed this evening until I'm satisfied, fick Adam Smasher.
    • Becca
    • Everything else
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    This game is a masterpiece. I understand the game was launched with some bugs and flaws.

    But since it was patched its a must have in any gamer library. Theres TOO many unfair reviews about this game.

    Just keep in mind you need a HIGH spec PC to play this properly.

    • Graphics
    • Combat
    • Imersison
    • You need a beefy GPU
    • Still no multiplayer
    • Minor bugs
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    I accidentally paid twice, i got a code and it opened another website but i payed for this and the other one.

    What happend??

    Why me??

    I payed twice, bought it twice i got a code and it's ok but it's cost more than the original.
    • Looks good
    • It's cheap
    • Easy to buy
    • Bought it twice
    • Costed twice as the original on steam
    • And it's not on Steam
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    This game is pretty good. It does have loads of glitches but you just have to learn to laugh at them. The graphics and the game play are crazy!! The story line whitout giving too much away is absolutely amazing too. I don't recomend you doing the whole story line first like I did lol but give it a balance between side missions and explore other missions around the main story. I love this game. One of the best games I've ever bought and relatively cheap too with this amazing website.
    • Price
    • Game play
    • Story line
    • Glitches (not the websites problem or the provider)
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    worst game ive ever played would rather eat milk with a fork the physics look like youve just done a poo in an fruit bowl with odd socks on the cat not many people get to experience how terrible this game is but for the few of them i feel bad because its poo dingy
    • none
    • everything
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    I started playing Cyberpunk at launch on PS4(regular.) It's a playable experience even with the occasional bug, but it does have issues after 1.5. There are still crashes, falling through the world, and slow loading times which might be solved if you installed it on an SSD or a PS5, I didn't have either of those so I opted to buy it on PC for about 15 bucks here on IG. My PC is an i5 4670 with a low profile GTX1650 and 24gbs of ram. At 1080p I get about 45-55 FPS (versus 20-30 on PS4,) more options for graphics adjustments making it look as good or slightly better than PS4 (drop it to 900p for just about 60fps,) MUCH faster loading times (even on a standard HDD,) fewer bugs in general & A.I. upgrades the PS4 didn't get (like some NPCs react aggressively rather than run.) That last point is what convinced me to buy this. With a few more patches and a couple of bigger content DLCs expected in 2023 there's no guarantee of all new features making it to the PS4 (much like how Rockstar eventually abandoned the PS3 version of GTA5 for more powerful hardware,) and even if they do will they be downgraded to fit "old" hardware? With no money for a PS5, even if I could find one (still difficult even in 2022,) this was a fine option and plays just fine on my ancient computer. Downsides are minimal (If I choose to record the game with OBS or stream on Twitch I must take a fair hit to my frame rate, but with the graphics settings I still managed an average of roughly 40-45fps at 900p.
    • Decent price (about 15 and change when I bought it.)
    • Better performance than PS4 (stock), even on an old PC with HDD.)
    • Decent Sci-fi RPG story.
    • Modest graphical hit if you stream..
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    Incredible game, sadly people still complain about the old "missing feature" bandwagon. Listen: we know that cdpr messed up with marketing, like many other houses, but now is time to play it unbiased.
    • Storyline and ending
    • Concept art in all compartment (audio, models, etc etc)
    • Nice skill/mod set
    • Driving with early cars, racing in general
    • AI but just for the for the stealthy players
    • A bad game for the GTA "star chaser" kind of players. Meaning that if you don't do missions the open world is laking.
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