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WELCOME TO 2042Battlefield™ 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. With the help of a cutting-edge arsenal, you can engage in intense, immersive multiplayer battles. Lead your team to victory in both large, all-out warfare and close-quarters combat on maps from the world of 2042 and classic Battlefield titles. Find your playstyle in class-based gameplay and take on several experiences, including elevated versions of Conquest and ...
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Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. With the help of a cutting-edge arsenal, you can engage in intense, immersive multiplayer battles.

Lead your team to victory in both large, all-out warfare and close-quarters combat on maps from the world of 2042 and classic Battlefield titles. Find your playstyle in class-based gameplay and take on several experiences, including elevated versions of Conquest and Breakthrough. Explore Battlefield Portal, a platform where players can discover, create, and share unexpected battles from Battlefield's past and present.


This game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items.



  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Core i5 6600K
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 560,Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 GB available space
  • Sound Card: No recommendation

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Recent reviews

Good game its not like old battlefields but is still fun i prefer and only play with friends. It has more of a Call of duty vibe and im happy that the devs despite of the ruff release still are trying to fix the game an overall 7.5/10,
  • Masive Multiplayer
  • Fun with friends
  • No Campaign
  • Gun Level up system a bit slow
  • Weapon Variety
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its honestly just still a really bad game, helicopters feel like sand, jets are an endless air spin simulator, the ground combat is completely mid, the guns feel meh and its like they didnt even put effort into half of the stuff in the game. its simply pathetic
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Battlefield 2042, like any game, has its share of downsides. One major drawback is the lack of a single-player campaign mode, which may disappoint players who enjoy immersive storytelling and character development. Another con is the potential for unbalanced gameplay, as some players may have access to more powerful weapons or equipment than others, leading to frustrations and unfair advantages. Additionally, some players may find the gameplay mechanics too complicated or difficult to master, leading to a steep learning curve for new players. Finally, the game's reliance on online multiplayer may make it difficult for players with unreliable internet connections to enjoy the game fully, potentially resulting in lag, disconnections, or other technical issues.

  • Lack of Single-Player Campaign
  • Potential for Unbalanced Gameplay
  • Dependence on Multiplayer
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Not a real battlefiled, don't buy it.

This game has some bugs, lags.

I was a big fan of Battlefied licence, but this one is not the battlefiled licence, no teamplay. It's more close as an Call of Duty gameplay.

  • Bad game
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Unfortunately i listened to those useless youtubers who claim the game is fun now. No its not. Big empty lifeless maps, constant spawn dying, bombarded when in vehicles coz everyone is a rambo and has homing rockets, getting hit from everywhere coz (once again) maps are garbage, not hearing footsteps ever and overall not being able to do anything coz we ain't all hardcore tryhards. Listen to the reviews not to those on youtube.
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Just wanted to drop the ol GGs to IG. not being paid or nothing. i hope this comment finds a new buyer well. I've been using this website since i got a decent gaming rig back in 2019. I've saved 100s of $$s over the years buying awesome games. I've never had an issue on any of my purchases. never had a key removed from any account I've associated these keys with. So all in all if its not a SP game that i can pirate for Free.50 than i find myself here grabbing games on massive 60-90% off deals. again hope this finds the new user well. i also your your exp here is as good as my own. Idk shite about bf2042 I've played the others big fan of the series I've hear a lot of good n bad about this one. i have a cousin who actively plays that's been telling me about a lot of updates they have done. its PSN free game of the month so the lobbies should be nice n full
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This "Battlefield" part started out weak, and to be honest I don't think it's going to be anything yet, but the developers have put a lot of effort into making such a large game in such a short time. It's best to watch at least 5 gameplays to form your own opinion and whether you want to buy the game.

But I would rather advise you not to buy the game.

  • Futuristic Enivorment
  • Low Player Count
  • Too big maps with almost no close combat
  • getting recked by vehicles all the time
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This game on Beta was definitely not the worse Battlefield launched.

I needed a game I could just jump in and out of the latest patches have made this game one of my favourites,Portal is epic lots of different game styles from bf bad company v BF3 to Smg TDM lots of fun.
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All the hype about the game before release was not worth at all I played 2-3 days, deleted it and went straight back to BF5 , so in my opinion would be better to set my money on fire than to buy this.
  • Cool graphics
  • -
  • -
  • No storyline
  • No single player mode
  • No new *awesome* features
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This game s*cks so much that it created a black hole in my room.

Bugs and crashes and bugs and crashes and bugs and crashes and bugs and crashes

Now it even won't launch anymore...


Classic EA trash.
  • Nice looking game
  • Bugs & crashes
  • Bugs & crashes
  • Bugs & crashes
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10/10 Game for me its just about the game, Others may say it has some bugs and sure it has some but nothing game breaking (For me) so its totally worth it. One downside is the online loading times for when you want to join a game
  • Online loading times
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Good GAME after bug fix

Bu still I fell like something is missing.

Gun play is awesome.

A bunch of stuff to do in game like Unlocking skins Banners Emblems.

Story goes from the multi player.

No cheater at game at all.
  • Good Multiplayer
  • No campaing
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Dice lost its touch, this is not a worthy Battlefield 3 and 4 successor.

Poor optimization, mediocre gameplay.

Ever since BF1 Dice has been struggling, learning the wrong lessons from that popular title and the competition resulting in the BFV debacle. With 2042 they are digging themselves deeper into ruin.
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Full of glitches, and still expensive for such a quality for such a price , either they make it good or they turn it Free To Play and make us another game that will worth our money,i went back to bf3 and bf4 after i got scammed with that one
  • Nothing
  • All of the game
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The game is broken, incomplete a buggy mess, and the sad part this game is a full online game with no story mode so if there's no people playing the game is dead and guess what no one is playing this garbage or at least almost no one.
  • the mode that lets you create your own battlefield mode with all battlefield assets
  • Everything else
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The worst FPS game after the Warzone tell Dice and EA that they really went away from the Battlefield series concepte, i have all Battlefield games , from bfbc2 to BFV, but this one is a mess clearly
  • All of the game
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garbage gameplay, poor hitbox where 1 x 0.5 cal doesn't headshot

Poor graphic improvements with Battlefield 5 or 1.

WTF physic (glider on skyscrapper side?? the F..)

vehicule spamming poorly managed, just wrecking the game if well used

poor but large maps, just what to waste game-time and to die in 1 sec from campers (on 100 hours game, starts to annoy..).

Tchat is rotten by kids/puppies, a 128 players map with just egoistic people so avoid for Team fun..

For true FPS, avoid thsi game too: because no logic or coherence of mecanism in hitbox and physics.

for diehard Battlefield fan: do avoid and stay on previous BFV/1 operators -> nonsense, lost all legacy from battlefield franchise

if you can: wait at least 2022 for news on what is improvemed

My gift was huge dissapointement.. GF was pissed-off too..

  • large map
  • cross-plateform
  • 128 PLAYERS
  • gameplay as a whole
  • battlefield legacy
  • graphics
  • map rotation
  • content (weapons..)
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The worst game of the saga, they managed to remove every feature that could resemble the tactical approach of previous modern era battlefield games and instead replaced it with a generic, tasteless "hero" system where 128 players use the same 8 characters with the same skins. There is no destruction, the environments are empty and unpolished, and the only thing close to a climate crisis are dumb tornadoes that don't affect the map in any way as they pass.

The attachment system has been dumbed down to a horrible to use "cross", that you preload before battle, but with so little choices for each of the less than 20 guns in all the game that, does it really matter?

Open any of the last 3 battlefields instead of buying this.
  • it made me appreciate battlefield V more
  • it made me appreciate battlefield hardline more
  • the interface is horrible
  • texture streaming is broken even when running in a 3rd gen nVM SSD
  • no destruction
  • specialist system
  • attachments
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Before i start this "Review" I have to say that I normally don't do reviews but I felt the need that I have to warn people from buying this game.

I would rather give 1 Point instead of giving 10 but apparently 10 Point are the minimum you can give.

This game has to be the worst and buggiest game that I played in my life (and i played fifa before)

Not many maps. Not many weapons. The weapon recoil is obnoxious. And you only have 2-3 official game modes.

If it wouldn't be for the titel of the game i wouldn't even guess that this game is an actual battlefield game. Everything about this game is completely different from the previous bf games.

To finish of the review i have to say that this game (atleast for me) is currently in an alpha state and not completed. (Maybe if EA cares about the game the will fix it in some upcoming updates)
  • Graphics are okay
  • Portal game mode is kinda fun
  • Not as many maps as the previous bf have
  • Small weapon selection
  • Bunch of bugs
  • Weapon recoil is completely busted
  • Gameplay is equally as good as a f2p game
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Just Play BFV. In every Aspekt, the old one is better. 2042 runs like s*it, Bugs everywhere. Spawn placement is horrific. Sound-Design ( I dont know, just hear the Theme and you know what I mean) Nice Rhyme XD.
  • The Idea
  • Graphics less good as in BFV
  • Gameplay sometimes Boring, because Maps are too Big
  • Spwan Placement isnt right
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Worst "Battlefield" game ever bought. This could not even be considered a game from the saga. Rushed release with tons of bugs, lack of weapons, maps too way big and "heroes" instead o operators as we all are used to on previous releases. Not recommended at all.
  • Bad version of a Frankenstein game of Battlefield, CoD, Fortnite and Apex mixed with the worst elements
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Well, just gonna say this. Very dissapointed with this Battlefield game. In my opinion worst BF in 15 years. Maps are boring , without cover, poorly designed, no scoreboard, no chat, no TDM, no compaign, no server browser, specialists are worst idea ever, i played support for 10+ years and in this game has nothing for me to enjoy it sadly. Hate the HUD, graphics is worse then in BF5 and BF1, no details, no destruction. Game feels like in alpha stage still. Bugs can be fixed but poor gunplay and map design not. Its a big letdown from previous BF games. Gets boring after few hours and not challenging at all. Should also have more guns and normal classes. Portal is OK but id rather have normal modes 64 players like before. Overall id say its a really bad game and not worth buying, if you are old school fan of the franchise.
  • nothing
  • all
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Overall, this game really makes fun, the gunplay is awesome and yeah... it just makes fun. Allthough it still has some NOT gamebreaking bugs, the maps could be a bit less open and some general slight changes
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No words to explain how bad it is. 3 days not able to turn around the visual due to their update. Contacted the customer service and they answered me that they know there was this bug and I need to wait the next patch. Don't waste your money.
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I don't even bother to buy it and waste precious time. I recommend against it since I was invited to every Alpha and Beta stage.

Anyhow, the reason I do "review" it is the following.

There is an actual good game called PROMOD and I saw the Twitch description for it.

It goes "PROMOD is a 5v5 tactical FPS - Outthink, Outmaneuver and Outgun your opponents in constantly evolving explosive gameplay, handcrafted using the blueprints of old school shooters. Lock & load into the most explosive down the barrel experience in tactical FPS and become UNSTOPPABLE."

So I've taken that and re-written it for 2042, which describes it pretty accurate.

"BF 2042 is a 64vs64 random FPS - Don't think, bunny hop for your life, use a helo to get 300-0 and out-bug your opponents in never ending flag running, handcrafted by DICE and published by EA, taking the worst shooters and combining everything that's bullshit. Slide & Hope for a mouse bug to UNINSTALL it once again."

I recommend my mates everytime games, or the opposite. Every single time, every single game, I was and I am right about it.

They bought it again. They regret it again. I am happy again and they aren't. Simple.

Go ahead and waste your money. Our problem won't be your problem, since those games are made for the mass - the casuals. Cheers.
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The game is a real disgrace to the franchise.

New maps are poorly designed. Especially in game mode breakthrough.

It is also worth mentioning that there is no suitable server browser.

I do not recommend at the moment!
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i had very hig hops fore this game but after just 4 houers i deleted it

i had very hig hops fore this game but after just 4 houers i deleted it

i had very hig hops fore this game but after just 4 houers i deleted it
  • too maney game phisigs
  • planes are buffed
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I could give it 100 if it weren't for the bugs and basic features missing, which are probably coming in later, but for this point in time (30/11/21 )I'll give an 80. In a couple months everything will be fixed anyway, but for now this is my rating.
  • Insane fun
  • Bugs and basic convenient features missing
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Is more buggy than the Beta and its basically a walking simulator. I was really disappointed when I played the first games bc BF 5 was such a great game in comparison. We got hyped with epic trailers and gameplay but the game just doesnt give the feeling of being the Battlefield we all wanted.
  • Bugs and glitches
  • Boring gameplay
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It's just boring.

Nevermind the miserable state the game is in from a technical standpoint, I'm sure they'll fix this eventually. But the gameplay itself is just bland and becomes repetitive quickly.

The few maps in the game are all uninspired and significantly less detailed than in previous games.

Just stick with BFV BF1 & BF4 their servers are still alive and well and you can ignore this moneygrab.
  • Portal if they add more content
  • Performance
  • Gameplay
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