Greedfall Gold Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Greedfall Gold Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Xbox Series X|S
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Explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures. Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world - influence its course and shape your story. Engage in a core roleplaying experience – achieve quests and complete objectives in a multitude of different ways – through comb...
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Gold Edition includes

- Greedfall
- Greedfall - The de Vespe Conspiracy DLC

Explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures.

Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world - influence its course and shape your story.

  • Engage in a core roleplaying experience – achieve quests and complete objectives in a multitude of different ways – through combat, diplomacy, deception, or stealth.
  • Complete freedom in character progression – play as a male or female, customize your appearance, and freely choose your abilities, spells and skills.
  • Delve into a mysterious world of magic – begin a grand journey and uncover ancient secrets protected by supernatural beings, manifestations of the island’s earthly magic.


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This Game is more like a walking simulator with a few fights in between.

Same enemies, story is kinda okay, but very obvious.

AGAIN: 80% of the time you are walking from A to B to C. This takes all the fun out of this game and makes it really stupid.


(i would like to punch the developers all day in their face for this stupidity, could have been a good game, but 80% walking like an idiot makes it so poor.)
  • story
  • fights
  • character
  • walking simulator
  • annoying to walk for 15 minutes every time you do a next step
  • not recommended because of walking too much.
Greedfall caught me with big suprise. I didnt expect that this game will give me so many good vibes. Spiders team evolved skyrocketing from prievious games. This is the best they have done yet and I hope they will keep evolving and makin more and more amazing worlds. Playing Greedfall brings me back to old good days when I was playing Dragon Age origins and Mass Effect 2. It filled my craving to experience those style of games once again and I wasnt dissapointed. The world is so beautiful and vast. It really shines how detailed it looks. You dont get bored while exploring every corner of the map. One more step just to check around the corner thats how addicting it was for me :) Walking in the forest feels like you are in real nature. Every step you take you need to be careful not to get attacked by wild life. I wish there were more enemy designs. While played on hardest difficulty at some parts it was really tough. I like how you can approach every mission in couple of angles and do different style. Murder them or sneak by or maybe blackmail them. It so cool to have so many options to be honest. Leveling was fun and playing and chosing stats was difficult cause you need to prepare yourself for whats next. Good thing I was playing as Technical. Laying traps and preparing your next move while pausing the battle is what I needed. It is so well made. Characters outfits were excelent to. When you put your new armor it looks different or when you upgrade something in some slots it will add some details. They did so much work on this part. Love how dialogues can go either direction and you can expect everything from them :) Good thing you cant go back whats done its done. Every desicion matters. Story also was quite good. Not ground breaking but it keep me interested until the last second. Overal I got everything I wanted from this game and much much more. I hope they will make simillar game or Greedfall 2. Recommended 110% +10 ^^
Nice single-player adventure and role-playing game set in a dystopian 17th century where science and religion compete for the dominion of nature and the cure for a mysterious disease. Multiple combat modes allow you to fight in real time (hard) or stop the action and choose your next move creating beautiful combat snapshots. Large game areas even if not in an open world.
  • graphics
  • storytelling
  • missions and twists
  • repetitive threats along your path
Well, I have almost 50 hours of this game, just ended the campaign. Must say, the expectations were high before buying this game... I was looking for an intense history line, mixing history and mystical, and the presence of feelings and consequences of players choice. This game, somehow fulfill my search, but most say that in the start I get a bit disapointed because I desired the dialogs more dinamic (more facial expressions, more cinematic, not so repetitive... I desired that the dialog with your companions were increased, specially if they friends or "loving"), would like more custcenes and a bigger history (a lot bigger)... I know what Im asking is too much, but this game was so awesome that created in me the feeling of having more of it (because it was good). The DLC is quite short and could me more developed. The time passes and in the end I was loving even more the gameplay, the history line, the graphics... pretty much everything was nice, except the dialogs with companions (few interaction).

So my veredict: Awesome game
  • -
I had a great time playing it! Storyline and lore are very interesting and each character brings something into the game. Combat system is also great and well balanced. I see a great improvment witch every game that spiders studio produces.
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Great story
  • Combat system
  • Repeatability
I love this game!
Sure it got its shortcomings when it comes to battle and controls, movement etc. The story, however, is very rich and very re-play value. You get excited enough to play the main story, and the side quests have great story as well.
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Graphic
  • Controls
Greedfall – A Novel RPG Game with Stunning Story
Greedfall is an exciting game, and you would be surprised to know how quickly I fell in love with the detailed world and challenging quest I found in it. But on another hand, I am utterly bored with its out-date RPG elements and quite simple combat mechanics. While the storyline itself is nothing, different lands struggling to cure a mysterious plague, known as Malichor. In the game, you will discover lots of side-quests and beautiful settings to carry the game. As the game starts, you often find yourself pursuing the optional activities, not because of leveling up, to see how things would play out. You would be amazed to know that many of these activities have excellent ways to approach the end of each mission.

Level Up Your Stats
The majority of players in Role-playing games are always preferred to level up the stats and charms through the level, and I was tried to change the scenario for Greedfall. To save lots of money and avoid dozens of combat, you should level up the charisma as you find you on the skill tree. Generally, missions enable you to interact the way, sneak around, or handshake with people discovered on an epic journey.
After spending lots of skill points, what you will discover, it’s nothing just a small percentile will increase. However, there are three trees available, in which you can spend your hard-earned points, such as Attributes, Skills, and Talents. In the game, Skill is considered as the main tree and will dictate how the player approaches the fight. Up to sixty starting points are available, including:
• Firearms
• Traps
• One-handed Heavy Weapons
During the gameplay, you can obtain them to battle against enemies for points.
Opposing Forces are ready for Fight
The game takes place on an island, surrounded by colonial forces from different distinct nations, but with monsters and magic. You control the protagonist named De Sardet, a neutral human who recently approached the island intending to battle against rival forces to dominate and colonize the new land while struggling to find the cure to a strange plague that infected the protagonist and his family.

What You won’t Like
The game emphasizes on its storytelling elements, but its Role-playing elements that underpin it can be de dicey. The detailed battle has ranged from boring to frustrating. However, your necessary actions are quite simple, replying actively on attack-and-parry system. With all of these lacks, you would like to come out of action as soon as possible. Moreover, a few RPG layers will grant you few frustrating options. Along with melee weapons, you can use traps, magic, and items, each of which has their single-use.

The Ultimate Task
As the protagonist, you must explore the remote island along with mercenaries, settlers, and other treasure hunters to battle against invading settlers. In the world, the settlers are defended by supernatural beings. However, the game offers stealth, diplomacy, and combat elements. Therefore, the decisions you make while playing the game directly influence and affect the story, as well as relationship between other factions created on the island.

Where the story of GreedFall does shine in the cinematic cutscenes marking the story moments, which bring both gravitas and drama. However, as the story reaches its climaxes, the emotional scenes come close to each other, as do the consequences of decisions I made initially in early quests. GreedFall isn’t the heir to Dragon Age Throne but is satisfactory.

Reviewer: Michael
  • Detailed World
  • Quests
  • Skill Trees
  • Story
  • Cinematic Cutscenes
  • Ranged combat (Boring)
A game that's similar to the fable series and dragon age games. The only bad thing is that the mouse and keyboard are not the best for this game, Works probleby good with a game controller. And some areas i get a hitch to the fps.
  • Great story, even compared with some AAA games
  • Good graphics/atmospheric on some scenes/area
  • Choices matter with multiple endings
  • Mouse/Keybord support is bad
  • Performance issue on few areas/scene despite my PC above recommended requirement

Greedfall (suprisingly fitting name *cough*) did what Bioware and Bethesda failed to deliver the recent years, and delivers a 3rd Person Action RPG with clear focus on its story (which I haven't completed yet though) and good gameplay.

When creating your character, you can pick 3 from classes (Warrior, Mage and Rogue), each with their own strengths and abilities which can be tweaked as you progress through the game.

The side-quests are very entertaining as well and introduce you to a variety of characters, each with their own background and aims, those are pretty much on Bioware/Piranha Byte-level
The characters are voiced really well (English only though) and the actors made a great job in getting in with their roles, whether they are guards, priests, merchants, or peasants.

Gameplay-wise can do basically everything you'd expect from a 'classic-RPG': talk to all sorts of characters as mentioned, interact with our compatriots (you can shape the relationship to them as well), complete quests and explore dungeons to get that sweet loot, trade, craft, fight (also bosses of course), et cetera.

Now while the game doesn't offer one Open World, we instead travel through several larger environments with some very nice details, although you will often come across replicated assets.
Cities feel like like they have been copy/pasted at times because of this asset-recycling and it really starts to annoy me a little bit by now...
And this is where another negative point kicks in: Graphics.

I wish I had a better way to express it, but at times they really look like the game was made in 2013. Textures aren't that sharp in fact it gets really ugly as you close in, most noticably (I'd say at least,) the floor.

The loading times aren't all that long luckily.
Framerate has been dropping every now and then on release, but got widely fixed with a patch.
  • Interactive main-/side-quests
  • Character Customisation with plenty of options
  • Detailed, stylistic environments...
  • ... that suffer from the overall graphics-quality of a 2014/15 game
  • Mostly stiff character presentation, especially in dialogue (but thankfully NOT on a Bethesda-level)

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