Hitman 2 (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Hitman 2 (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S) - United States

Xbox Series X|S
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HYPER DETAILED SANDBOX LOCATIONSTravel to exotic locations around the world and experience rich and detailed environments that are packed full of opportunities. From a high-powered car race in Miami to the hot streets of Mumbai and the dangerous Colombian rainforests, each HITMAN 2 location has been meticulously crafted with an extremely high level of fidelity. FREEDOM OF APPROACHYou’re in full control and the world will react to whatever you do. Use stealth techniques, improvisation and al...
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Hitman 2 (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Standard Edition - US

  • Hitman 2
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Hitman 2 Gold Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

Gold Edition - US

  • HITMAN 2
  • HITMAN 2 - Santa Fortuna
  • HITMAN 2 - Expansion Pass
  • HITMAN 2 - Hawke's Bay
  • HITMAN 2 - Himmelstein
  • HITMAN 2 - Isle of Sgàil
  • HITMAN 2 - Miami
  • HITMAN 2 - Mumbai
  • HITMAN 2 - Whittleton Creek
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Travel to exotic locations around the world and experience rich and detailed environments that are packed full of opportunities. From a high-powered car race in Miami to the hot streets of Mumbai and the dangerous Colombian rainforests, each HITMAN 2 location has been meticulously crafted with an extremely high level of fidelity.


You’re in full control and the world will react to whatever you do. Use stealth techniques, improvisation and all your creativity to take down your targets in spectacular and ingenious ways utilizing an assortment of tools, weapons and unexpected disguises.

Hitman franchise

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Best reviews

As all Hitman you gonna need to adapt you way of playing to the very peculiar one of this game.

Once you've done so, this game is great and so fun.

I would advice anyone with a short temper to avoid it.
Great game, love the level design and the freedom you’re given. Great game to just have fun in - the pricing model can be confusing, so getting it on sale is a plus, but despite that I love it. Get all three to enjoy every level in one game.
Insane game, so worth it, awesome purchase

It has so much replay value and i love grinding every achievement

The legacy pack is totally a must and seeing these maps in the hitman 2 engine is def a big +
  • A lot of replay value
  • Fun Gameplay
  • Large and fun maps
  • Hard to transfer progress
  • Some annoying bug while achievement hunting

Recent reviews

there are so many options to kill targets.

Cheap game I really recommend this game because you free to do anything to targets.

I really love this game! There's a lot of challenges to get weapons and clothes.
  • so many options to kill targets
  • Cheap game
  • A lot of challenges
  • Not a open world game
I really like this game! It's very modern and realistic! Sometimes I feel bad for the people in the game because it looks so real. If you need to buy a game, this is the one! oh yeah and don't forget to message me on twitter if you want a promocode link (@victor_verpoort)

  • no
Great game got it for really cheap. Should deffenetly buy, you get all the DLC's in the game. You get all the added DLC's that really make the gaming experience way longer and more exciting. The maps are really large and you get lots of variety when playing the game.
  • Great game with hours and hours of play time
The Game Mechanics are amazing and it is revolved around the stealth gameplay. I love this game because it doesn't limit you to only one solution of killing a target. There are things to do in this game.
  • Good
  • Has Stealth mechanic
  • Too good
  • Many npcs don't react much
Honestly, the best purchase I made here and probably my favourite game series ever. The amazing mission settings, the good story and just the incredible number of scenarios is insane and just makes this amazing! The only minor weakness is the online mode, it is only the sniper mode, they could've just left the online mode out
  • Amazing maps
  • Cool missions
  • good graphics
  • Hard on weaker PCs
  • online mode not necessary
Just finished mission in Mumbai, what a gorgeous game. Really good visuals and mission design, so much creativity. Really recommend everyone to give this game a try and play it to the fullest. blablabla
  • Graphics
  • Story
  • Creativity
  • idk
Hitman 2 is an excellent stealth game, but if you want to, you can also have fun with going on a massive mass murder of NPCs. But I dont recommend for people who arent patient, the missions are quite long 30-60 minutes average. Hitman 2 is also very fun, as you have lots of freedom in taking out your targets. The world feels very alive. I strongly recommend. I have 120 hours of playtime already.
Quick response. Nothing bad to say. Its easy to redem code and download the game. They send me the code few seconds after my purchase. That is in one word just exelant. And everything is a lot cheaper.
Very nice but I want more fishes to slap the officers, slap with crocodile i want, slap with crocodile i want, slap with crocodile i want, slap with crocodile i want, slap with crocodile i want, slap with crocodile i want.
  • You can slap people with a fish
  • You can't slap people with a crocodile
Really good game it is so much fun because there are so many options to kill somebody. And even though there are not so much missions it is very challenging and as a result still takes some time.
Hitman 2 is a game you should definitely buy!
  • great game
  • challenging
  • a lot of options to end the game
  • at the beginning hard to master
  • not so many missions
The game is good and you have some missions to play, but not many. Still enough for some hours of playtime. You can create your own missions and there are so many ways you can discover to complete a mission.
  • graphics
  • controls
  • story
  • individuality
  • not much map variety
It is very sure that the gaming industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. As a result, we can see many amazing games have been developed. Multiple organizations are working in this niche, and no doubt, they have provided us excellent results. Actions games are one of the most lovable and played games. While visiting the web or the market, you will find a massive list of action games. If you are tied off playing old action games, then how about trying the most updated one? In this article, we are going to tell you about one of the most popular action games that are renowned for its storyline and other features.
"Hitman" is one of the best stealth video game series ever, and to keep your typical sequel expectations in check, it's best to think of Hitman 2 as season two of the 2016 revival. The game doesn't have numerous new highlights, yet it conveys every one of the six of its sharp murder sandboxes on the double.
If we compare hitman 2 with its old edition, we cannot observe many changes in it. Basically, it is quite similar to the previous one, but many more feature is added in it, and graphics are also improved. Simply, it will force you and will also keep you attract with the game.
The game continues the same story by the older version named as a Hitman. If you are curious to know about the amazing new additions and features and the reviews of hitman 2, then let's have a look at the features and reviews that will surely make you fall in love with this game.

More updated features of the Hitman 2
Some amazing features of a game become the reason for engagement between the player and the game. Similarly, some features of Hitman 2 will force you to play the game. One of the essential elements that the programmers have added in this game is the stunning map. At every new stage, you must require a locale with other variety.
Starting the game at the first stage, you will break into a deserted looking fortified beach home, and there you will learn some basics. After that, in other missions, you will explore many other locations. Each level is different from each other, not only story-wise, but the music, graphics, and various characters also play an important role.
Several challenging stages in the game:
If you are an energetic and adventurous person who loves to face challenges and are also fond of living and winning in a challenging environment, then hitman 2 is the best option for you. Hitman 2 is far different from other games where you immediately run to see the missions. Reading the maps in the game is quite tricky, and it will surely consume your precious time. The stunning part about hitman 2 is that at each level, several challenges are waiting for the player, and they are not like the ordinary ones that include killing 20 people or poisoning the person, and they are far more challenging and exciting than what you think. Hitman 2 will also give you many opportunities in the form of surprise challenges that will help you out to earn rewards and much more.

Impressive changes in the game
After attempting HitmanHitman, the audience was expecting more from the developers and no doubt, that they haven't disappointed us. It wouldn't be wrong in stating that hitman 2 came with the same features that we were expecting. Similarly, to the Hitman, you will get the chance to explore six different locations, and to complete your missions successfully, you will make use of people and objects present in your surroundings.
Even the progress criteria are the same that getting caught for the lowest number of times in-game during the mission means more success while the higher caught rate in a mission can lead to lower success or can even lead to a failure in the game. The overall changes and new additions in hitman 2 are more astonishing and breathtaking. It introduces the new qualities for Agent 47 that makes him more efficient as for hitman 2, and he can walk in-crowd, hide in tall trees, to see the enemies or target, a mirror can be used. Else then this, the UI changes are also remarkable.

Ghost mode in Hitman 2
While playing Hitman 2, you will become addicted to it, and you will attempt the same level several times just because while playing, you will understand the character behaviors mechanism and much more in a better way. To keep you connected and interested, Hitman 2 provides you with an amazing multi-player feature called ghost mode. This mode is a big attraction that lets you play against another player and become the first one to hit the target. Hitman is full of surprises and challenges that will always attract you to play it. There are a variety of ways to kill an enemy. Just play the game by yourself and explore what's interesting is inside it.

Power to create their own story
If you get control over the game, what's better than that and hitman 2 gives you the control of the game. Let us observe how Hitman 2 allows you to enjoy the game in your own style.
Well, this feature is not a new one in the gaming industry, but combining with other features enhances the quality of the game.

Cons of the game
As it is a fact, that everything has its pros as well as cons. In a similar way, Hitman 2 also has some cons in it. No doubt, hitman 2 is the perfect combo of entertainment and challenges; some people who have previously played HitmanHitman may or may not find it interesting or unique.
The basic reason behind the disappointment of the people in the game is its similarity with the previous version. There are a lot of new additions, but still, the new version is a continuity of the HitmanHitman. Having similar features in Hitman 2 can be a reason for disappointment for gamers.

Hitman 2 is a full package that contains both entertainment and knowledge in it. It is an attraction for the game lovers. Not just the game idea but its structure, and its music all are loved immensely. If it provides you with several capabilities and systems. It provides a player with various tools to kill and to perform other activities.
There is a strict scoring system in the game, and if you score 91/100 in the game, it is not a bad deal. If you have an interest in action games, then choosing hitman 2 is not the bad option, even it will also make progress in your gaming experience.

Reviewer: Oliver UG
  • Stealth / Sneaking
  • Graphics / Art Design / Visuals
  • Many Options to Win / Kill
  • Similarity With The Previous Version
I love this game, super fun to play. it is a nice sequel to '' Hitman '' (game for this game). I was immediately sold at the first but the second one made my purchase just sure I bought a good game. Buy and play!
  • grapich
Felt like i was playing the old games, sadly my broke so cant afford the dlc missions. Although the core game felt as good as the legacy ones. many ways to approach a target and i dont know what else to type :)
Amazing game, you need a good PC/Laptop for it! So dont do Windows 8 (Or under the Windows 8) Get mabye a Gaming PC/Laptop Windows 10. Amazing game after that really good FPS love it. Downloading cost 51,6 GB so be sure you got your space!
  • Good FPS for Windows 10 Gaming PC.
  • Not laggy sh*d
  • Very fun.
  • Offline Game
  • You can do more then 20+ Challenges at 1 misson.
  • If you have bad computer under the Windows 8 dont install it!
Had a good time with the game. Was a recommendation from a few friends to give it a go. Once I played the 1st game on PS+, i was hooked on the game after a few hours of playing it. Had to pick up the newest on on PC. Also found out that I can get the 1st Hitman's content for Hitman 2. Not a bad deal in my book.
  • Very enjoyably
  • very funny
  • new ways to play
  • short game play
Nothing new compared to previous chapters but it remains a fun title.Are need several hours of play to complete it 100%.it will be nice to play this game again,I liked the diversification of the missions.Nice!
( I apologize for the bad English, I used google translator to translate to English.)

I love this game, super fun to play. it is a nice sequel to '' Hitman '' (game for this game). I was immediately sold at the first but the second one made my purchase just sure I bought a good game.

(Mijn excuses voor het slechte engels, ik heb google vertaler gebruikt om nederlands naar het engels te vertalen.)

Ik hou van dit spel, super leuk om te spelen. Het is een mooi vervolg op ''Hitman'' (spel voor deze game). Ik was al direct verkocht bij de eerste maar de tweede heeft mijn aankoop gewoon zeker gemaakt dat ik een goed spel gekocht heb.
  • beautiful graphics / prachtige beelden
  • story continue's / het verhaal loopt door
  • good controls on pc / goede besturing op PC
  • heavy graphics (good GPU and CPU needed)
La suite parfaite de Hitman (2016), les possesseurs du premier seront ravie de mettre la main sur le jeu même si cela peut paraître pour un gros DLC. Si vous avez retourné Showstopper ou encore Sapienza, le jeu va vous plaire, de nombreux défi, un mode multijoueur et les anciennes mission remastérisé.

The perfect sequel to Hitman (2016), the owners of the first games will be delighted to get their hands on the games although it may seem a big DLC.If you have return every nook and cranny details of Showstopper or Sapienza, the game will please you, a lot of new challenge, a multiplayer mod and old mission remastered.
  • Mode multi-joueurs
  • Les anciennes mission remastérisé
  • Plus de format episodiques
  • Des missions a venir dans le futur...
  • ....mais payantes
  • Gameplay toujours un peu rigide
  • Un lieu en mode Sniper
amazing game...enjoying it too much...at first is boring but then it becomes even better....also the gold edition offers a lot and its worth is huge....silver trash...although i cant paly in ultra settings the game is smooth
  • great story-online
  • none
Une des rares vielle licence de jeux-vidéos à avoir perdurer dans le temps, en s'adaptant et en se remettant en question sans se soumettre au mercantilisme aveugle. Le jeu se montre accessible à tout niveau de joueurs et les satisfera tous ! ... le seul bémol, c'est le côté toujours un peu trop plastique des personnages, le manque un peu frustrant d'une sorte de mode Replay avec Ralenti lors des meurtres pour se plaisir avec de belles screenshots ou vidéos. Aussi un bon mode photo serait vraiment chouette. MadMax, édité aussi par WarnerBros a proposé un des meilleur mode photo que je connaisse avec des rendus sublime. Le flou de profondeur de champs d'Ansel (Nvidia) est tjrs identique et le bokeh est assez bof quand on le pousse un peu. Je ne doute pas IO interactive améliorera tout cela dans les prochains opus de la série.
  • Jeu optimisé, et amélioré par rapport Hitman 1
  • Accessible à tout type de joueurs
  • Un des niveau de Level Design les plus élaboré qui soit à l'heure actuel.
  • Une énorme rejouabilité
  • L'aspect plastique des personnage
  • Le jeu mérit un bon mode photo et pourquoi un mode Replay.
  • Un crénelage toujours présent même en ultra
Honestly one of the best purchases i made in years.Storywise it isnt something spectacular but the gamepaly is phenomenal,there are about 20-30 way to kill a target using some given choices and another 100 by using the environment.Recommended!

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