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Includes Poland: United and Ready DLC, Forum Avatar and Wallpapers Hearts of Iron IV for PC is the fourth in the series of the grand strategy war game. Play through World War Two as often as you like, tweaking weightings and scenarios to see the different potential outcomes, or reworking history to see it play out in front of your eyes. The game offers two start dates: 1936 or 1939, and you can proceed well beyond the end of the war, but anything after 1950 is more or less unplayable. You ...
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Hearts of Iron IV

Standard Edition

  • Hearts of Iron IV
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Hearts of Iron IV Starter Edition

Starter Edition

  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Speeches Pack
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Armor
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Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition

Colonel Edition

  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Includes Several cosmetic DLCs
  • Colonel Forum Icon
  • Poland: United and Ready
  • Forum Avatar and Wallpapers
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Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny

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Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone

Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone

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Includes Poland: United and Ready DLC, Forum Avatar and Wallpapers

Hearts of Iron IV for PC is the fourth in the series of the grand strategy war game. Play through World War Two as often as you like, tweaking weightings and scenarios to see the different potential outcomes, or reworking history to see it play out in front of your eyes. The game offers two start dates: 1936 or 1939, and you can proceed well beyond the end of the war, but anything after 1950 is more or less unplayable.

You can play this game alone, or as part of a multiplayer game, choosing almost any historical character you like. However, do note that this is not an open world game, nor is it sandbox-style. There are scenarios that must be worked through – but they are massive scenarios with multiple outcomes to play through, so it can feel quite open and unrestricted unless you are wanting to create an alternative history that the developers haven’t thought of.

What’s the Story?

In this intensely detailed but broad-ranging game you must arrange the world to suit your own preferred story. While much of the play occurs at the national level, it is possible to zoom in on the minutiae too, if that is your preference. So you can micromanage the doings in a small Russian town, population a few hundred, or you can zoom out massively, and send a sweeping attack across the whole of West Africa.

You can choose to operate from any one of the impressive 11,000 regions that are detailed on the game map – and detailed is exactly the right word! You can check the weather, what time sunrise and sunsets occur, the terrain and what supply lines are in place, before committing your time and attention to the area.

And it does not have to be an area that was involved directly with WWII – you can play an alternative history in which it was, thanks to the detailed world mapping and immense control offered by the game. The work that has gone into all these alt-histories is incredible, and there for your enjoyment!

The Nitty Gritty

The game relies only to a certain extent on AI, and often, if planning complex combat missions, you will have to actively guide your troops, if, for example, you have two rally points. The troops will not divide themselves and one rally point will become overused, while the other is almost ignored. Either of these are problematic: your crowded point will not be able to feed and house so many soldiers, while the other is easy prey for alert enemy combatants!

If you love this sort of intense armchair strategizing, this game is perfect for you. You can rework WWII over and over, seeing how even quite small changes make the outcomes change. You do have to pay attention though: neglecting your allies can have them leave you hanging, just as you are marching on the enemy, confidently expecting their backup when suddenly, whoops, you are all along and the Nazis are coming!

It can be hard in the heat of global battle to keep track of all the small stuff: heroic companies going above and beyond, excellent performance by revamped weapons proving the wisdom of early investment, etc, but it is a necessary skill to play the game fully, especially when you are managing multiple armies.

Who’s on My Side?

Any nation can have armed forces, which are supported by the civilians in the country. Civilian factories build equipment and many military items that allow for military factories to be built: the armed forces would be in a poor position if they were to alienate the civilian population of the country!

There are three types of armed forces to be trained, deployed and used to further the interests of the nation:

  • Navy – Naval forces are obviously sea-based, ideal for carrying long, heavy loads. Battleships and warships are built in dockyards, while other naval equipment is made in civilian and munitions factories

  • Air Force – taking combat aerial means that you can quickly attack distant places, and rapidly move small amounts of men, equipment and, of course, planes themselves

  • Infantry – Basically regular army, the ground force comprises infantry troops, tanks and the usual jeeps and perhaps horses

  • Train your men, customise your armies and design a perfect battle plan for them to enact.

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    • OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 750 | AMD FX 4300
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 (1.28GB) | AMD HD 5850 (1GB) | Intel Iris Xe G7 (Tiger Lake) | AMD Radeon RX Vega 11
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X- compatible soundcard.
    • Additional Notes: Mouse and keyboard are required. / Latest available WHQL drivers from both manufacturers/ Internet Connection or LAN for multiplayer, Up to 32 other players in multiplayer mode.

    Hearts of Iron franchise

    Hearts of Iron III
    Hearts of Iron III
    Release date: 2009
    Hearts of Iron 2 Complete Edition
    Hearts of Iron 2 Complete Edition
    Release date: 2006

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    Downloaded game is incredibly laggy and it's not computer's fault because it far surpasses the recommended specs. I have tried everything to make it work but every time I boot it up, I can't go an entire in-game day without a massive lag spike.
    • can be fun
    • laggy
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    At first It kept on saying processing The product For the longest time I even had to time the next day to play it Then it complete Then I had another Issue Finding the key Luckily We managed to find it Overall this game is really good and it's really fast to get it on steam?
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    It's a very good, immersive game, hard enough for new players, but once you get the hang of it, it's very satisfying to play, and allows you to develop your strategy in a video game.

    On the negative side, the AI is very annoying during peace conferences, which are very random and affect the quality of the game.

    The DLC is very good, but a little expensive for my taste.
    • Cool strategie
    • Very realistic
    • Tech trees and political game is successful
    • Peace conference with the AI is broken
    • Some mecanics that are very hard to master
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    HOI4 allows players to experience the story they already love in a new way without losing any of the beauty from the original game. New and old characters get their chance to shine through and steal your heart, even the ones you never expected to. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe you’ll even feel a sense of justice for the infamous Allies in the end. But one thing you won’t feel is regret in picking up HOI4, as it’s truly the best HOI title, if not one of the best video games, I’ve ever experienced to date.
    • Stalin
    • Stalin
    • Stalin
    • Germany
    • Hitler unrealistic picture
    • Hitler cat
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    It's a lot of fun but super hard. its a game that you can spend 30 hours on and still make no progress and expand your country but with enough knowledge you will think its super fun. I think it's worth buying and giving it a try
    • Fun
    • A Realism
    • Good poin
    • Really hard
    • Too much time investing
    • Solo play
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    Hearts of Iron IV is a WWII strategy game (the best out there). It focuses on historical accuracy, but you can always turn historical focuses off, and you can recreate history. There are also mods, a big community. Overall a PERFECT strategy game.
    • Fun
    • Best strategy game out there
    • Tutorial isnt very good
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    Great Game but U have to watch some Tutorials to Unserstand all the Things in this Game. In thé Steam workshop are many great mods to Update thé game ins U finished singelplayer Game. Thé dlc are great too

    For thé tut: bet4steel YouTube
    • Fun
    • Beginnerfriendly
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    the best game i have ever played. would highly recommend it. the mechanics are insanely elaborated, and the gameplay is very intense. it's a must have for any world war 2 enjoiers or tacticians wanna be out there
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    It is a good game I've been playing it when it was free weekend and i really liked and now i want to buy it but please put it back in stock i've been waiting past 4 days for you to restock it. I hope you put it back in stock
    • One of the best games ever
    • Cheap
    • Able to rewrite history
    • Not in stock
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    This grand strategy game puts players in control of a nation during World War II. The game's mechanics are deep and complex, and the level of detail is impressive. It's a great choice for fans of the grand strategy genre and history buffs.

    • Highly detailed and immersive gameplay
    • Robust tech tree and research system
    • Wide variety of nations to play as, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities
    • Steep learning curve and complex gameplay may be intimidating for new players
    • The game's mechanics can be overwhelming at times, with a lot of micromanagement required
    • The game's performance can suffer on lower-end PCs or during large-scale battles with a lot of units on the screen.
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    This game is a good strategy game and I'm not even really into strategy games but it is a bit money hungry for example some dlcs include content that i feel like should be in the base game already but despide that it still has a lot of content and it also has lots of great mods on the workshop made by the community (Road to 56, The great war redux, Cold war etc.). But I would recommend downloading player led peace conference mod because the AI usually makes some disgusting borders.
    • Great strategy game
    • Lots of content
    • Broken AI
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    Live the WWII with all posible countries. Ensure your allies and fight for your faction. Change the history or repeat it. The future is on your hands.

    Great system each patch improves even more the game.

    • Lot's of hours of fun
    • Hard to start
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    Base game dont recommend, now the game with all the DLCs is a good game, only down side is the amount of DLCs that are available to have a better gameplay... its awefull trying to buy a game and you see that you need lots of DLCs to the game to be better in every way.
    • Trully strategy
    • Better visuals than HOI3
    • Somewhat good community
    • You need all the DLCs to feel like a proper game
    • DLCs cost too much
    • MP has lots of cheaters
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    Hoi4 is a great game and after 500 hours i can recommend it to anybody that is interested in history. Base game is ok(i mean it is not fun to play base game for too long) but after u start to add steam workshop mods and buy dlcs game becomes even better. You can enjoy it with yoour friends or alone. Focus trees are really good but some nations have even better focus trees then others. If u are intersted in history or ww2 i recommend u this game.
    • A lot of mods and unlimited options what to play
    • very good optimised
    • Very good dlc
    • Too much dlcs and they are expensive
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    It takes some time to getting used to all the game mechanics, but once you've understood the basics its a lot of fun. Even after 600+ hours I'm still learning something in each session. Just love that game! In addition to the very nice vanilla game are there tons of mods.
    • You dont need to have DLCs in order to play with others who have them
    • Many DLCs
    Read more
    I have this game for three years now and I am not bored at all, if you like strategy games and you have patience this is a game for you! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in such games. Hearts of iron IV lives forever!
    • It has so many things to do and you are constantly learning about them
    • it is not a game for a few hours or a few minutes
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    I would recommend Hearts Of Iron 4 to anyone who has some patience learning the game mechanics, since for starters it may feel a bit intimidating and hard, but after learning the basics I promise you will get hundreds of hours of fun.
    Read more
    Nice, fun and educational type of game, I really recommend it to everyone who likes strategy games. There is nothing else to say, I immediately liked it because it is WW2 based and because I had fun experience with strategy games.
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • Takes time
    • Multitasking
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    Well, I don't have time to be a leader, commander-in-chief, diplomat, state farm manager in one person. The game could be more casual without losing any abilities. There is nothing wrong with multi-colored keys like a children's piano. Same what happened to the last Crusader Kings. Instead, the interface is gray as a time of action. The player experiences on his own skin all the bureaucratic red tape. And without a lot of free time, this navigator system cannot be ridden. Based on this, the game is great for those who have retired. I pay tribute to the historical scenarios and the authenticity of the maps. I would like to open the game and for it to play itself.
    • History
    • Design
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    Its simple enough to learn for beginners. Quite active with updates. Amazing community, amazing moders. The only thing that is bad in the game is the unbalanced Axis AI-s, and the dumb Soviet AI. My favourite game btw.
    • active with bug fixes
    • Unbalanced German AI
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    You can re-write the history, i like it , a spend lots of time for this. Some important nations don't have own special focus tree ( austria, hungary) and you can change the history whit those countrys...
    • great game
    • good price
    • hard begining sometimes
    • Some nations don't have own special focus tree
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    Very nice game to play with your friends!! 100% recommend
    If you like ww2 this is a game for you if you were looking for one.
    It is very good game to learn to multitask and such.
    It is just a overall good strategy game.
    • Nice game with friends
    • Good strategy
    • surprisingly fast to learn
    • Hard to master
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    It's a lot of fun but super hard. its a game that you can spend 30 hours on and still make no progress and expand your country but with enough knowledge you will think its super fun. I think it's worth buying and giving it a try
    • Fun
    • A Really good strategy game
    • Very hard for beginners and people with no strategy game experience
    Read more
    AWESOME! Bought this game a few weeks ago. now i cant stop playing it, it is related to the history form 1936 til 1970 i guess. me and my friends stop playing a match after 1942. because then we start a new macht. I should consider to buy this game
    • Great
    • Fun to play alone
    • But even more fun with friends
    • online can somethimes be lagging
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    Un juego recomendado si te gusta la historia y la estrategia ademas puedes crear tu propia historia con cualquier nacion aunque hay veces que la inteligencia artificial no hace cosas logicas y los DLC cuestan mas que el propio juego,
    • Historia Alternativa
    • Rejugabilidad
    • Poder escoger cualquier nacion
    • DLC
    • La IA aveces hace cosas sin sentido
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    very nice game 9/10 it's very fucking nice I really love this game it's my favorite strategy game there is just no other games like it I like to play as Japan as there are a lot of options of invasion and that you need to have some navy exp to actually do some real damage.
    • realistic
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    The game is simply great, I've played the game for 145 hours at the time of writing this review. There are loads of DLC's to the game not to speak about the mods from the community. I absolutely love the way you can change the past and try to win certain scenarios. But there's one catch to the game which doesn't have to affect you but it could. If you were to play with friends it will be really painfully slow, not to exaggerate. With that said game is best played alone however playing multiplayer is still fun but it requires the participants to have a few hours on hand to play the game.
    • Fun
    • Time consuming
    • Loads of mods availible
    • Multiplayer is really painfully slow
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    Initially, the game might seem to be hard to learn and to master, but after a few hours you will start to understand it. The game is really fun and historically accurate. It's also very easy to add mods. I would recommend it.
    • Different scenarios, never get bored.
    • Multiplayer
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    This game is the best game i ever played it has very good graphics and effect's the history is perfect everything is the same as in real life but the only bad thing is that the game rarely lag's or just shuts down but that is like every 8 hour's or if you turn the game on 7 times in a row
    • This game is has very good graphics
    • My fav game
    • its lags rarely
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