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18 March 2017
Review by NeverAgain (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Love the game, this is my second purchase for my son, to play together....and I am sure he will ask for a new video card, so, yes, this game will cost me $300 at the end, and I am still happy after 200 hours.

  • Fast, Titans, fast unlocks, and random stuff happening all the time
  • great maps, awesome single player, and BT
  • Low player count, long wait sometimes, too many modes
  • missing server browser

10 January 2019
Review by jojsplitz (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Fastest FPS ever, action packed play and everything you need from a game like this. I always play it when I am short on time, just to get the action going, matches are fast and gameplay is amazing. Don't get me started on singleplayer story... :D:D:D

  • Everything
  • Long wait for Titanfall 3

12 December 2018
Review by Jangu154

Game bought on IG

Ein wundervolles Beispiel wie man es machen sollte...

Selbstverständlich ist es nicht 100%ig perfekt (bzw. kann man es einfach nicht allen recht machen). Da wäre z.B. das klassenbasierte Titansystem (obwohl hier auch viele Änderungen vorgenommen werden können und durch neue Chassis im Endeffekt mehr Variation möglich ist) oder Waffenlackierungen die einen kleinen XP-Boost bringen (zu vernachlässigen, besonders wenn man aufs Cover schaut und dort zwei im Alphabet realativ nah beieinander liegende Buchstaben entdeckt...)

  • Eingang auf Communitywünsche aus dem Vorgänger
  • Ein überarbeitetes System, das dennoch vertraut wirkt
  • Trotz relativ geringer Spielerzahlen nicht nur Veteranen
  • Super Story
  • Nicht die meisten Spieler (aber gut spielbar, sofern man nicht nur auf unbeliebte Modi filtert)

03 November 2018
Review by Enderfan7363 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Amazing game! Definetly recommend playing. In my opinion, everyone should play the story first to learn all the mechanics and so on. Also, multiplayer can be rough at first, don't give up, your efforts are worth it! :)

  • All microtransactions are cosmetic only
  • Amazing wallrun, double-jump,etc. mechanics
  • Giant f*cking robots falling from the sky!
  • Best shooter-story of the decade
  • Can be frustrating for new players
  • Smart-Pistol (Auto-Aim weapon used by degenerates)

14 October 2018
Review by Romppari (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

titanfall2, It's amazing, some bugs here and there but still really good challenging fps game. Run, jump, slide & shoot, the freaking wallrunning is good but it needs learning, hitboxes sometimes are weird

  • good graphics
  • Amazing titans
  • matches found quickly
  • many weapons to choose from
  • Good campaing
  • low player count
  • bugs

03 December 2017
Review by Gregory Klippenspringer

Game bought on IG

Wonderful Game
Titanfall 1 was nice but Part 2 is much better the Noob Gun is not more as Aktiv Weapon.
The huge Bots are so nice and ever Cool, Stompy and Brutal.
I like this Game so much and it´s a nice Game.

  • Action overall
  • Nothing

15 September 2017
Review by KGB

love this game. Not to mention its at a discounted price. Good multiplayer and an Awesome single player story. Great game, A improve from the first one. I loved TF1 but i love TF2 even more GG NO RE 10/10.

  • Good game
  • Amazing singleplayer
  • flowing gameplay
  • Does not get the recognition it desrves.

27 July 2017
Review by trustmeimlumi

Game bought on IG

You will have an essential, all-action FPS which proves Respawn’s greatest work might not be in the past. The single-player campaign gradually increases in velocity and scope, coalescing in mid-air ship battles and frantic Titan charges.

  • Impressive, inventive solo campaign
  • Superb combat and movement mechanics
  • BT is an ET for the Modern Warfare generation
  • Excellent multiplayer improves on the original
  • Some ideas shuffled away before their time
  • Visuals are strong, but not the best
  • Active player count

26 July 2017
Review by Perfect

Game bought on IG

AMAZING!!! I GOT THE GAME WITH A BONUS!!! It's really fast and with a bonus and legit I am downloading titanfall 2 now and I am so happy, I recommend this for everyone cheap fast and real all you want.

  • Instant and real
  • Fast
  • with bonus code
  • Nothing

02 May 2017
Review by Smigas

Game bought on IG

Great game, A improve from the first one.
Good multiplayer and a good single player story.
It takes awhile to get into the fast pacing and the climbing techniques but when rewarding when you mastered it

  • Fast pacing game,
  • great multiplayer
  • Free DLC
  • Can be kidna repetitive
  • Melee attack on the multiplayer is Overpower

27 February 2017
Review by gamer-0a7b57

Just an amazing Game!
I loved TF1 but i love TF2 even more, the Grafik is just amazing, the Gameplay is very fast and wall rids are even smother then in the first Game! The Singleplayer is one of the best i´ve erver Plaved.

  • very fast Gameplay
  • Smoth Wallrides
  • (mostly) good balancing
  • Smart Pistol (Auto Aim Pistol) only as a Boost avalible
  • Amazing Singleplayer
  • still some Op-Weapons
  • Tone-Titan is unbalanzed
  • short campane
  • Smart Pistol still avalible
  • expansive

19 February 2017
Review by Broken Tear

Game bought on IG

Amazing game. And amazing improvment over the first Titanfall. Its on you what path you take, you can go anyway you want. If you can jump on it and do a wallrun.. its an option. Campaign is just amazing with great story that is open for more. For far better and longer journey.

  • Amazing singleplayer.
  • Short Singleplayer.

04 February 2017
Review by ZOLLINO

Game bought on IG

I was playing TF1 for a half of year. So Was looking forward for number two. The campaign is very good, not too short, not too long. Very nice graphics and gameplay. Multiplayer is rapidly boosted, only let down is absence of autoaim pistol which is now just bonus card not the weapon itself like in TF1. However, all together great game, with great gameplay mechanics. So refreshing after a bit stereotype with BF1.

  • gfx
  • gameplay
  • wallrunning and other matrix tricks
  • MECHS!
  • missing autoaim pistol
  • still same engine
  • score results and game menus should be better

27 December 2016
Review by SK1LL

Game bought on IG

Awesome game i enjoy playing it :) , Gameplay is smooth, got it for cheap :D and i played Titanfall so i barely managed to wait for the day when i will get Titanfall 2 :D but damn game is awesome keep it up!!!

  • Smooth gameplay
  • Cheap
  • Optimized
  • Player level matching in Multiplayer

21 December 2016
Review by gamer-2b4074

Game bought on IG

Too many fakes out there, hard to trust... This one is one you should trust, game code took only 5 minutes to be sent to me... Simply AMAZING
If you are looking to get a game for yourself or someone else, this is the way to go

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • I have none

09 December 2016
Review by Pointreal

Game bought on IG

It's nice to see that Titanfall 2 has an offline campaign while also having a multiplayer feature, making the game a reliable source of entertainment even when there's no WiFi. Also, it's graphics quality is seriously magnificent and the texture of the environment is really detailed. Titanfall 2 truly excels in both graphics and gameplay.


28 November 2016
Review by xterain

Game bought on IG

Purchased this game on a 50% discount and went straight online to battle after watching so many youtube vids on it! Simply love it and worth my all my $. Guess i won't get bored over it so fast.Will try out the single player campaign soon~

  • Love everything about it!
  • Matching making take sometime for my region

15 November 2016
Review by Inzanesane (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Deffo a must buy , this game has it all action packed fun, strategy team based action and all round epic fun!
Team fights make for intense fear/rambo moments
capture the flag has me running around like a chicken with my head chopped off (in a good way)

  • Fast action
  • amazing graphics
  • nice progression
  • not enough friends to make a full team :-P
  • odd video grain effect not sure why and not toggle to turn it off

10 November 2016
Review by Feirfek

Game bought on IG

it not a bad game however it can be frustraing for new players playing against higher level players the aimbot auot pistol from the first game is still in it as well as other issues like not able to switch up titan skills

  • flowing gameplay
  • good skills
  • no level balancing
  • aimbot pistol is still in it
  • lack of options for titan weapons/skill swaps
  • weapons feel weak

03 November 2016
Review by Baigon (read 8 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I'd like to give it a fair review, but I'm going to start with the negatives first:

Even if this last patch is giving my game microstuttering up the wazoo, even if the netcode is absolute dogshit at 20hz in gunfights and also affects other players, even if most Titans other than Ion, Tone and Legion are garbage, even if EA pretty much fucked Respawn by sandwiching them between BF1 and CoD, but man this game is certainly a refreshing blend that I am going to enjoy for some time to come.

Positives? You get a good campaign, a microtransaction free progression system, a lighting fast paced FPS with great mech combat and a fairly well optimized game.

But yeah, Titanfall 2 is kinda cool in my book. Hopefully it will increase in popularity with time, just as Rainbow Six: Siege did.

  • Optimization is good
  • No in game real money microtransactions
  • Fast gameplay in MP
  • Fun campaign
  • Free DLC planned for the future
  • Poor Netcode
  • Very high skill ceiling
  • Titan & pilot weapons aren't properly balanced
  • Framerate issues here and there on some specs
  • Horrible UI

02 November 2016
Review by Tapmoidsu (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Jeux tres sympa qui reprend les concepts du 1 mais avec quelques ajouts plutôt fun.

Le multi :
cartes plus jolies, un poile moins de punch au niveau de la rapidité du perso mais on y gagne en précision : très bon la glissade en faisant un 360 pour shooter tout ce qui bouge.
Bcps de customisation avec des options connues du 1er et des nouvelles (mines teleguidées, bot anti fantassin/titan,....)

Le solo:
La campagne est assez courte, tres accessible en hard, un level design de malade => notamment sur la fonderie !!

Bref, étant bien fan du 1er, Je recommande celui ci qui dépote bien.

  • Customisation
  • multi
  • game design (bcp de verticalité)
  • Plus joli.
  • scenario malheureusement court

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