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Over 50 awards and nominations, appreciated by more than 16 million players around the world. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition is all you need to start your adventure in the post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies. Featuring an expansion with the buggy—your new ride, an additional game mode, two extra quarantine zones, and two bundles, it takes the gameplay experience to a brand new level.DYING LIGHT ENHANCEDBigger, better and more thrilling than ever before. Experience Dying Light in its defi...
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- Dying Light
- Dying Light - Crash Test Skin Bundle
- Dying Light - The Bozak Horde
- Dying Light - Ultimate Survivor Bundle
- Dying Light: Season Pass
- Dying Light: The Following

Over 50 awards and nominations, appreciated by more than 16 million players around the world.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition is all you need to start your adventure in the post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies. Featuring an expansion with the buggy—your new ride, an additional game mode, two extra quarantine zones, and two bundles, it takes the gameplay experience to a brand new level.


Bigger, better and more thrilling than ever before. Experience Dying Light in its definitive form, with countless gameplay improvements. Scavenge for resources, craft weapons and do everything to survive in a city destroyed by a zombie virus.


This huge expansion introduces new open areas and fully modifiable buggies. Turn them into deadly weapons and discover the secret behind the mysterious Children of the Sun cult!


Includes all content released in the first year of post-launch support, including the multiplayer “Be The Zombie” mode and “The Bozak Horde”; additional missions; exclusive items; and much more.

Dying Light franchise

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Release date: 2022

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Best reviews

Hey look its another zombie game. Wrong!!! It’s a zombie game that stands up at the top of a hill. This is probably one of the best zombie games ever made. I usually don’t like zombie games but there are some exceptions like this one and oh boy it delivers.

You are dropped in a huge sandbox city where you have to survive harshest environments and dangers that lurks around every corner. What makes it so real is that every space of this map is not safe. There are occasionals safe houses but beyond their borders its fair game for everyone to make it alive to the next morning.

Parkour run, kick, stab, shoot, evade at its finest. First person view of this gameplay feels natural. Every step you do it can either save your life or put you into a zombie pits of hell. You can run on rooftops of the building, fences, over cars. Almost everything you can see its reachable to its limits.

Fightings zombies now that’s overstatement. You are mowing them down like grass. There is super fluidable crafting systeme that let you make some crazy stuff of weapons, from electric bats to some axes fixed with nails that finish the job more easily. Weapons have degraying system so it wont be easy. Gotta be careful for what to use where cause the zombie population not sleep day or night. There are tons of different species. They don’t make you bored. You will dance on your tip toes to reach your goal.

Some of the most amazing zombie desings. From brute forced giants to and exploding bastards that can kill you in one explosion. Going trough the night streets not always the smartest idea cause the night will raise the bard of survivability. The night is where crazy horros happens. You have to be prepared 200% before stepping there.

Very enjoyable experience and plus you have some interesting story to fill in. Highly recommended.
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Recent reviews

Just doing this for the achievement, this is not a scam btw ( Totally didn't think it was a scam at first )

Ignore the rest of this, this is for th characters

Awesome Game! Great history, all the dlc´s are complete insane, looks like another version of the game

Spend so many hours playing and i keep going some times to do some side quests.

10/10 Awesome game, if you like to keep playing after complete the main history!
  • awesome gameplay
  • none
Dying Light is easy to underestimate, something about its art style seems off or maybe it's the Chrome Engine, I dunno. Sure, it came out in 2015 and it's by no means an ugly game, but it has the usual blemishes of an open world game like stretched textures in more hidden areas, you might fall through the map here and there or notice some floating plants occasionally. You know, Skyrim. I guess it comes with the genre, so you take it in stride. I recommend getting the Enhanced Edition, cos you'll be wanting to play The Following right after you finish the main game. A combined 70+ hours of quality zombie killing later, I gotta say, this thing is pretty special. It's an open world game with breakable melee weapons, an endless supply of zombies and guns that never jam. In a way, this is the best Far Cry game I've ever played. Techland has taken Ubisoft to school with a few key elements and it doubles down where it matters. It's all pretty simple stuff and yet it has enough personality to stand above similar games. The combination of parkour, melee fighting, FPS and driving a dune buggy in the expansion is a brilliant mix of fun. You upgrade your survival, agility and power skills, while the buggy has its own skill tree, though it is not sentient, so upgrade that as well. DL and The Following are separate games though, launched from the same menu, so you can't fast travel between the maps (like between the Slums and Old Town), but skill progression and stash are shared between them, which is neat. The slums of Harran and Old Town provide a nice contrast and variety, while The Following might as well be a full-fledged sequel. I made the mistake of playing them on story difficulty, so I bit through The Following a lot faster than I was expecting, roughly 17 hours. Why the rush? Well, I liked the characters, I liked the quests and I really liked helping people and I hate people. I got entirely fed up of looting and lock picking in the main game, so I focused on the stuff that motivates me the most, the story.

This might not make much sense, but Kyle Crane sounds like a fun work colleague who hates his job but is always professional. The voice work doesn't get enough praise, it's so crucial in making the protagonist feel personable. I honestly don't have much to criticise about the dialogue and the supporting cast doesn't fall far behind. His tone of voice just does it for me, I don't know what to tell you. It is so easy to tack on meaningless side quests in games like these and here when they do annoy you, Crane becomes the vessel that takes the brunt of your frustration and voices it, so the game introducing you to some pretty strange people with ridiculous requests felt like another day in Harran. Dying Light in 2022 just makes sense to me. Headlines in The Onion seem entirely plausible these days, there's a pandemic, hysteria, protests, war. Dying Light fits into my current state of mind perfectly, an actual zombie apocalypse wouldn't even surprise me at this point. The concerns of isolated community members felt entirely valid, people depending on runners for their basic needs. Problems that required immediate attention like lack of water, despite quests usually having no time constraints, compelled me to act. Dying Light keeps you on your toes, day or night. You have to get some drugs for people, coffee and cigarettes, people can't leave their homes, a lockdown on life and some with complete disregard for their own or the safety of others risk the safety of their entire communities. Feels somewhat familiar. The day and night are two very different experiences as well, you get twice as much XP during night runs, for one thing. Since I rarely went out at night, I never used a UV flashlight or a flare against a Volatile, cos when one saw me I just legged it and hoped for the best. Volatiles are the fiercest enemy in the game, who can pounce on you and rip you to shreds without much effort. Whoever has finished it on Nightmare, I tip my imaginary hat to you, sir.

I never played Dead Island and I don't have much experience with games where weapons break permanently, but it's a great mechanic. Life's fleeting, nothing lasts forever and while many devs yap about the realism in their games, Dying Light still keeps a wider audience in mind and that's why it's sitting comfortably at 95% by 226,000 people. That and the insane level of post-launch support that continues to this day. I'm glad I finally finished it on my third attempt, hence the total play time. Dying Light has got heart is what I'm trying to say in a very long-winded way, it might not be apparent from the get-go, but it's there.
  • Its fun but really short expiriance
  • Night patrols are fun lol
  • its kinda hard to find a gun
  • repairing system is a cluster fuck
Outstanding game, very well thought and well made. The idea of running around with a friend killing zombies, while completing quests and finishing the story is awesome. I love the implementation of day and night in the game.
  • Fun
  • co-op
  • nice graphics
  • not well optimized for pc
Its such a nice game with this moovement combined with zombies. I love the Weapons and the Skills you can get.

Im hyped of dying light 2 !

The Map ist really full of art and full of adventure you can get into.
Amazing ghrapics,the atmosphere in the day is cool ,but it reaches it reaches his peak when the night comes down and the zombies start running at you are shitting your pants :D Incredible expirience .
In my eyes this is one of best games ever made.

Also if your looking for a zombie game,

this is defenetly the best one.

If you buy this you shell have a lot of fun.

I am also excited for dying light 2,

Can't wayt for that game to relaese.
One of the best, if not the best zombie game out there especially if you play in co-op with friends. It has good gameplay and a good leveling and crafting system. Graphics is good even now in 2021. Not too much negative things, only maybe that be the zombie multiplayer mode doesn't have too many players and it's kinda hard and unfair experience when you fight against a very leveled up player.
  • A must play co-op game
  • Nice mele weapons with brutal combat.
  • Solid gameplay with parkour and rpg elements
  • Decent storyline
  • Open world
  • Slightly repetitive sometimes
  • A bit too much travel sometimes
  • End game exploration seems lonely and it gets boring after a while
its a good game i liek it and now i nned do say more but i cant say more so i dont know waht am i writing so pls sub to my youtube its jaspi_lp to be a very good and big person then your di_ck is bigger
  • nice too play
  • on index in germany
I have about 400 hours in the game and I still play it. Its one of my most favorite games. The graphics are still awesome. The game runs perfect in 1920 x 1080 @ 144 fps. Also I never haded any game bug, crash or something like that. Techland have made grreat work with this game. Its 100% SLI compatible what is very important for me. For thhe best experience play the game on difficulty nightmare. Its not that hard then its sounds. For me its the only difficulty I would play and what I have played.
  • Best movement agilitys I have seen in a first person shooter.
I like the idea of parkour in the game because the game itself gets on realism. I think that in real life, if there was a zombie apocalypse, only those who are fast, agile would survive, and I also think that knowing parkour would be a bonus, so that you can quickly avoid unforeseen situations and escape. The game has a very good and interesting story, a lot of side quests , zombies are scary during the day, but at night they are a nightmare of fear and horror. This is by far my best zombie game ever, and I would rank the game 10/10 .
I played this game before, and its always a good game to come back to! And now even at a good price.
this a great zombie game with alot of great parkour for travel, the the fear of the ngiht really gives you a rush when dusk is coming. overall i love this game and i cant wait for the second one
  • Great animations
  • Fluid parkour
  • fun with friends, but still good alone
  • the fact that i cant find anything to complain about
Greet game, especially when playing with friends. Spent hours roaming the city and through the dlc the outskirts. It can be a little repetitive with quests. All in all had awesome time playing alone and with friends. :D
  • co-op
  • greet story, good wepons, good crafting
  • Multiplayer
  • Nice open world
  • And awesome night play
  • repetitive some time
The best Zombie/Apocalypse Game on the Market.
I played the whole Campaign and had very much fun the whole time.
The game is challenging and pretty fun aswell.
It was my favorite Game on PS4
Its definetly worth a try :)
  • Open World
  • Long Story
  • Multiplayer
  • little Community
As a modern co-op game connoisseur, I'd call this my definitive coop experience of all time. The amount of fun and replayablility on this game's coop is yet unmatched, at the time of speaking. So if you're looking for that great coop experience, this is it.
  • Best Coop of its time
  • Condensed single character story
Personally i think this is the best zombie / horror /parkour game ever created.
Thank you for the good experience.

Added value through free dlc's and extra stuff to enhance your playtime further. ;)
  • Super good story
  • compelling mechanics
  • Interesting twist ;)
  • short story
  • Confusing controls
Very fun game, especially when playing with friends. You spend hours roaming the city and through the dlc the outskirts too. Definitely worth the purchase. It can be a little boring when playing on your own though.
  • Co-op madness
  • Crafting
  • RPG
  • ZIPLINE!!!
  • Vehicles
  • slightly repetetive
Awesome game! I recommend! Main benefits is open-world environmet and survival type game style. To those ones who enjoy zombie-apocalypse games, this is a perfect choice. With good elements of horror genre, this game will surely make you scream.
Really good game. Lots aside quests to do so you dont need to just follow storyline all the time. Great atmosphere and nice game to play with friend as co-op, specially against other player being monster. Graphics are good if you take in account it is really big openworld sized game. However I often get sick of this game and lately needed to take break a lot because i keep hearing zombies too much xD.
best zombie game available.starts out slow but gets much better as you progress and gain new abilities.
feels like playing far cry with mirror's edge mechanics.
if you are on the fence about buying it, do not hesitate.
brilliant game really enjoy it i love how to zombies are so much like the ones on 28 days later theyre worse at night just like the ones in that film in fact if they made a game of that film id still prefer this game

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