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Call of Duty: Black Ops III + Nuketown background
Call of Duty: Black Ops III + Nuketown

Review Call of Duty: Black Ops III + Nuketown

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Review Call of Duty: Black Ops III + Nuketown (299 Reviews)

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25 May 2018
Review by HexCD (read 5 reviews)

Call of Duty: Black Ops series are my most favourite CoD games as well as Modern Warfare series. I bought this game is purely for single player campaign and zombie mode. Personally, I had spent more more than 12 hours to finish campaign (Hardened mode). The storyline of this game still not bad, and it features "high wall run, high tech nano machine,etc.
For zombie mode, it is definitely worth it to play. Although I am not a great player with this challenging mode but still very enjoy to play it.

For multiplayer mode, I heard there are a lot of cheaters or hackers used 3rd party cheating tools. Also, one of my friends has been issued a permanent game ban due to his game stats has been altered and damaged by hackers. My friend is a victim in this situation since he never involved in cheating. So if you want to play multiplayer, it is better for you to find your friends to play with you in private lobby. Do not play with any stranger that you dont know, or you will bear the risk to get game ban.

Furthermore, if you are interested in hunting achievement, then you will have to own "Full base game+ Zombie Chronicle DLC+ Season Pass". I give overall rate for this game: 8/10. Only buy it during the sale since it is very expensive in price. What a money hungry, Activision.

Another thing, Treyach will be releasing CoD:Black Ops 4 (Battlenet) on Oct 12. But as a CoD fan, I would not recommend you to waste US$ 60 to buy BO4 but recommend BO1,2,3. After watching reveal trailer of BO4, Im very dissapointed because the traditional single player campaign is being cutted and replaced by Battle Royale Mode. When I watch trailer, i think BO3 was coming out again. I mean it looked exaxtly the same lol. Please be considerare when you decide want to prepurchase BO4.

Sorry for my bad English. Anyway, hope you can enjoy my review and have an amazing day.


27 December 2018
Review by Siron

Game bought on IG

Gioco divertente ed avvincente. Comprato dopo aver giocato per parecchio tempo da ps4 a cod e sinceramente mi ci trovo molto bene. Anche se lo svantaggio principale potrebbe essere causato dalle schede video che ovviamente sono differenti da giocatore a giocatore.

  • gameplay
  • grafica
  • utenti
  • non presente la possibilità di espellere giocatori offensivi
  • poco controllo dei client modificati

26 December 2018
Review by IsmaelBJ

Game bought on IG

Es un buen juego, lo único que tiene ya su tiempo y se nota sobre todo en los servidores, que no hay mucha gente. La jugabilidad es muy buena y el movimiento es muy divertido. Hay gran variedad de armas y ya.

  • Es un buen juego, el movimiento es excelente y esta muy bien optimizado.
  • No hay gente en los servidores.

23 December 2018
Review by Volken (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Awesome game, it has singleplayer ,multiplayer and instead ZOMBIE campagin, weapon system , trophy and alot instant gaming action :) , i realy recomend, it is 2015 game but the graphics and gameplay still realy overpower than any other 2015 game

  • graphics
  • great multiplayer
  • Singleplayer
  • weapon system
  • trophy system
  • not anymore in top
  • less mp players

12 November 2018
Review by RealZello

Game bought on IG

One of the best cods ive ever played. First purchase scared me because i thought it was a scam, but nope this is 100% legit. Now when we got that out of the way lets get on the review.

Campaign : The campaign dissapointed me wasnt that great still enjoyed it tho because how funny it was. There is not much else to say about the campaign.

Multiplayer : One of the most fun multiplayer experiences i had in cod. Its fast paced and full of action i never came in a lobby where i was bored there was always someone shooting and moving all around the place.
There is a huge arsenal of weapons even tho its a pity most of them is locked by microtransactions, but overall a very good multiplayer experience.

Zombies: My favourite part of the whole game. There is just something so special about that gamemode i remember playing the crap out of it with my friends in the older days. Whats even cooler are custom maps that you can download from the workshop.

Overall a great Call Of Duty experience would recommend to anyone.

  • Fast Paced
  • Fun
  • Best Zombies Experience
  • Best with friends
  • Campaign
  • Weapons locked behind Microtransactions

09 September 2018
Review by HypOz

Game bought on IG

YES YES YES! This game is the best I have ever played! I really like the Multiplayer and all of it! Much appriciation from this game! The thing I like most of this game is the Zombies with custom maps! Makes me play this 24/7

  • Great Graphics
  • Best results
  • No high PC Power usage

09 September 2018
Review by gamer-437e88

this shxt is fake asf.they take your money first and then ask you for your ID and UNLESS YOUR SEND THEM YOUR ID you wont get the code.also more money was taken out than what i ACTUALLY paid ($16) 23 dollars was taken from my card.this place is not a recommended place to buy cheap games unless you give them your government information which no one should ever need."tried the phonecall verification (3 times) guy call and didnt say a single word"

  • Bad Place To Buy games DONT DO IT

07 September 2018
Review by Hitman00770 (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Black Ops 3 is really different when compared to the rest of the call of duty series. This is because of the feature of multiplayer campaign upto 4 people which is really fun. Also, the online multiplayer is really good. Very fluid and very enjoyable with unique character abilities. The plot of this game is too weak. When compared to the awesome storyline of black ops 1 and 2.

  • Fun Multiplayer
  • Very Weak Plot In Campaign

02 September 2018
Review by Kenshafoo

Game bought on IG

Since I am CoD fan Black ops 3 is probably my least favorite right after Ghosts. Only positive thing i find about this game is probably when added to your Steam library it doesn't split in CoD BO3, CoD BO3 Multiplayer and etc.


25 March 2018
Review by Sloth

Game bought on IG

Cheap, nice gameplay lots of options to choose from and lots of content. I'm looking forward to BO4 I hope it gets even better. I can only recommend buying this game, You won't regret spending 15€ on this game.

  • Nice
  • There was no problem

13 January 2018
Review by DarkSideDani

Game bought on IG

You should warn people that they will need to confirm their identity when buying with Paypal.New website for me but i'm glad i found about it . Thanks' for fast customer support. Will buy more from you.

  • Speed.
  • Fast support
  • Identity Confirmation.

22 December 2017
Review by Telesky90 (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Gioco spettacolare, sia per la grafica che per il gameplay veloce, peccato che da qualche mese ormai non ci sia più gente nel multiplayer.


Spectacular game, both for the graphics and for the fast gameplay, shame that for a few months now there are more people in multiplayer.

  • Best FPS
  • No players in multiplayer

05 November 2017
Review by erazerek

Game bought on IG

Very good game. For me Battlefield 1 is still better, but this is good Call Of Duty and for €15,00 is that game 3x cheaper than Battlefield 1. For me is this game alternative for people who don't have so much money to buy Battlefield 1.

  • Graphic
  • Physic

22 October 2017
Review by P3TTräk (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

A great FPS with satisfying gameplay mechanics,
steam workshop, a theater mode to capture your best
moments, bonus game modes and more!
It is kinda overpriced for an 2 year old game with a playerbase
around 2 000 - 6 000 players but worth it around 30€

  • Satisfying gameplay

17 October 2017
Review by NilsP360

Game bought on IG

I love this game! Im very satisfied. I must admit, i was a little bit suspicious on my first purchase, but after i got the code within a minute, i got convinced its legit.

I really enjoy playing this game, so i have actually bought ALL of the DLC packs now! Got the season pass, the giant, nuketown and Chronicles! Highly recommended!

  • Legit
  • Satisfying gameplay
  • Cheap
  • Worth it

05 October 2017
Review by gamer-ea4955

Game bought on IG

Instanly got code. It worked. Im not a bot. This is 100% trusted site for any game. Just its annoying because sometimes it runs out but i guess thats normal with those sites. Just its sometimes glitchy and receive code after 2 or more days

  • 90
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 1

29 September 2017
Review by ROBERTFX_

Game bought on IG

Amazing game. <3
I play aprox 20h and I m very happy to buy this game.
Multiplayer : 8/10
Graphic : 9/10
Customs : 10/10

New element "Black Market" is tooo epic <3.
Best product before BO2, from Activision.

  • Customizabil

21 September 2017
Review by CrniDuja

Game bought on IG

An extraordinary game with great potential, which is the most important graphics and multiplayer, is great and plays fantastic. My every recommendation for this game. And after so many years of challenging game, he can match all new games..

  • Great game
  • Recommend everyone
  • Great fun
  • there is no negativity

18 September 2017
Review by Cosmodon

Game bought on IG

good service in an instant :) game is fine, though too much trouble with the NAT: security lvl. that can make it a bit of a hassle having to open ports everytime you wanna play with friends all depending on your internet providers security :(

  • game looks nice
  • multible game modes and a zombie storymode
  • NAT problems
  • controller problems on split screen sharing controlls

15 September 2017
Review by Stalker

Game bought on IG

great game would be perfect if money hungry devepolers didnt runined it. money money.

pay to win! and new zombi maps not part of DLC. D...K move..

love zombies that is all i play in the past 6 months.

  • almost everything
  • microtransactions
  • "new" zombi not part of DLC

12 September 2017
Review by gamer-aba9e6

Game bought on IG

This game is lit fam. Buy it now. Well I need to fill up my minimum characters, so here goes.
Buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, buy it now, this game is amazing so buy it now.

  • Nothing

21 June 2017
Review by IlicMaster (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

To be honest, I love CoD series a lot, but this is fatally great. Story continues from Black Ops II. A lot of improvements! Sometimes gets bored when you play all alone, but with friends I am sure you`ll have fun :) ! Would recommend to everyone!

  • Customization
  • Graphics
  • Good story, continues from BO2
  • No lag on multiplayer
  • Process of leveling up

07 May 2017
Review by gamer-fcbf62

Game bought on IG

Great game for playing with friends! Zombies is a great game mode to play with friends plus there are custom maps which give a variety of maps to play with friends. Multiplayer is alright, miss the old way of playing.

  • Zombies
  • Custom maps for zombies
  • Jump Suit

09 March 2017
Review by Ephilexia

Game bought on IG

I love CoD series. So it's insta buy for me.
Yes, later, btw better, with the new cod.
More players, powerfull and idk. :D
And i play so much multiplayer games, i love all multiplayer fps.
Come, play.

  • More ppl play this game
  • idk

16 October 2016
Review by Lexa (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game, it doesn't require too much skill and is fairly easy to get used to. The only dowside are those people who just like to camp in one corner the whole time, other than that it's really fun. 9/10

  • Graphics
  • Customization
  • Interface
  • A lot of different weapons
  • Campers
  • Ocassional cheaters

03 October 2016
Review by Roman (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game, lot of improvements! Very nice and deep story, continue the story from BO2. The story is so deep (imo) that you may have to play over and over again to truly understand the true story behind the scenes. And there is a secret mode (the secret almost everyone knew lol) called "Nightmare" after you beat the Campaign mode. Basically the Nightmare mode is not only the zombie version of the Campaign, but also re-tell the story form a different aspect.

  • prize

02 October 2016
Review by MikeElite (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG



02 September 2016
Review by GAMER-CY (read 4 reviews)

oraio paixnidi alla auta ta boost pu vgazun ta nea cod ine skata..erxete o kathe malakas kai mu leei pos kani 360 kai trickshots yiati apla ine 20 lepta ston aergoog game but those boost which final cods are puting tu the games are bullshit..anyone can make 360 and trickshots because they r 20 minutes on the air


02 August 2016
Review by Aleks

Game bought on IG

The game is alright, The story is oké, But i recommend a different game. Let's face it Call of duty's prime time is a bit over. so go and play battlefield 1 soon :D without that game you'll miss a part of you're life ;)

  • good story
  • zombie's mode
  • alot of team wipes on both side's

25 June 2016
Review by Gregg

Game bought on IG

I recommend this game although its disadvantages, for anyone who wants to feel the dynamic of 1st person shooter, have fun with the others, travel to different missions and show his marksman skills. Enjoy the game!

  • Excellent graphics
  • Nice servers
  • Beautiful missions and gameplay
  • Few players in multiplayer matches
  • Shadows of evil is only available at zombies, the other 3 maps are dlc -.-
  • The players can fly all the time by jumping
  • Both in multiplayer and zombies you level up too slow

03 May 2016
Review by The LioDragon (read 6 reviews)

Game bought on IG

An amazing game!!
The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is fantastic!
Many player who are fan off the classic series off Call of Duty would disagree and claim it for one off the worst COD`s ever.
But i highly disagree.
What i love about the game is the speed and various movements you can make like: free running, flying, and wall-running.
Using the jetpack can save your life if you react fast when getting shot, while in the old series you would`t stand a chance to hide or dodge.
It makes the game more challenging and intresting.

However, i think some people dont like the game because they where better in the older ones.

  • Amazing graphics
  • local Split screen modes
  • All modes are co-op
  • Fast and cool gameplay
  • addicting level up system
  • black bar bug when playing splitscreen

02 May 2016
Review by Simply

Game bought on IG

Going from the classic Call Of Duty games such as WaW and Modern warfare I'd say Black Ops 3 doesn't represent the whole idea of Call of Duty. Having the game based on futuristic elements doesn't seem right nor is fun to play. Sure, Zombies is great and will only get better but it feels as though things are becoming distracted and we are missing the thmes/ideas behind what makes a good and memorable Call of Duty and this just isn't it. Rushed.

  • Zombies
  • Multiplayer
  • Campaign
  • Theme
  • Weapons
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