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World of Warships is a MMO (massively multiplayer online) naval warfare game. It is a tactical and slow-paced shooter game, with three types of weapon to use at your own discretion, namely: ship artillery, torpedoes and aircraft.

About the Game

Five types of ship (see below for more on this) come from naval powers all over the world, including the UK’s Royal Navy, France’s Marine Nationale, Germany’s Imperial Navy (which became Kreigsmarine), the Russian Imperial Navy (later called the Red Fleet) the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the Italian Regia Marina, amongst many others. The ships are historically accurate, with authentic range, weaponry and more.

Players will all start at Tier I, which is basically the tutorial mode, and can then advance all the way to the top, which is tier X. Not all of the ships are available in Tier I, in fact, the ships are introduced at various points in the tier system to prevent inexperienced newcomers being overly powerful. For example, the immense aircraft carriers are only available from Tier IV, cruisers come in at Tier I, destroyers can be obtained at Tier II, and battleships from Tier III.

As well as this, there are no torpedoes are available in Tier I. This is because the tier progress is loosely tied to the real life chronological development (and the attendant technological advances) of warship building. Various ‘paper ships’ are included, ships that were planned but never built. In fact, many of Tier X’s ships from the German, Russian and French fleets are such paper ships.

You will play combat missions, campaigns, challenges and make collections, in exchange for meaningful progress through the tiers. There are occasional holiday modes, such as Halloween, April Fool’s, and so on. These appear seasonally, and are often accompanied by a testing roll out of new game mechanics so the developers can get feedback and see what is working and what is not.

Battles are restricted to a strict set of maps all with different geographical layouts, and most of these feature an array of islands of varying sizes – the latter can affect the outcome of the play. Maps can have either static or dynamic weather to add another element to the gameplay. Some of the maps are kept for specific battles: such as the re-enactment of Dunkirk and similar PvE historical battles.

The Nitty Gritty

Gameplay is team-based, and within teams, players can form groups of up to three to create divisions that work together. You can play against other players in PvP (player vs player) games or against the AI (computer opponents) in PvE (player vs environment).

As you earn experience and credits, you will begin to buy modules to improve your ship, fully outfitting one ship will allow you to access the next, and so on up the career progression.

Scenarios is one of the co-operative play modes. In this mode, players team up and achieve certain goals – a number of objectives, secondary objectives and stories. Once the main objective is achieved, the game is won, but ticking off all the secondary objectives as well, will earn you an additional star, as well as being exceedingly satisfying.

Ranked battles is the leader-board for individual play, while Clan Battles is the same, but for teams. You can join an available clan, or be invited in to a more exclusive one. Clan battles earn oil which is a resource that can then be used to upgrade the fleet – something which rewards players with bonuses, making it good for individual players as well as the whole Clan.

Five Types of Ship

There are five types of ship spread through the 600 individual models:

  • Destroyers: plenty of weaponry, the tanks of the sea

  • Cruisers: speedy and relatively small, but pack a powerful punch

  • Battleships: big bruisers that often just need to show up to scare off the little bullies!

  • Aircraft carriers: massive, floating cities that can unleash a whirlwind of hurt on the enemy

  • Submarines: a late-comer to the party, but no less welcome when they’re on your side!

  • World of Warships is the ideal game for those who were born a century too late and yearn for the glory days of the high seas.


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