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FIFA 19: 2200 FUT Points DLC

FIFA 19: 2200 FUT Points

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This DLC requires the base game
FIFA 19: 2200 FUT Points DLC
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ATTENTION: Before activating the second code of FUT points make sure that the first 2200 points are already on your account.

Use your 2200 FIFA Points to open packs and build your Ultimate Team even faster.

Conditions and restrictions apply. See https://www.easports.com/fifa/game-and-offer-disclaimers for details.

FIFA19: 2200 FUT points for PC will get you playing your favourite game and enjoying it even more than usual! Football (also known as soccer) is the single-most popular sport in the world, currently with well over four billion fans – more than half the world’s population! It is no surprise, therefore, that football simulation games are almost equally popular, and this game is proof of that. FIFA19 is the twenty-sixth edition in the FIFA series. So far!

About the Game

The game follows the usual quasi fantasy football sequence, with players able to assemble super-teams from the many genuine profiles of world-class players that have been uploaded into the game.

These teams must be trained and maintained – as well as bought and sold during the sales windows, just like real teams – meaning that basic money management is a must too. As always, there is a fair amount of judgement to be used, between buying the very best players and having no money left to fulfil any other responsibilities. There is nothing more humiliating than having to sell off your top player because of financial mismanagement!

What to Use FUT Points For?

Buying extra FUT points – for example, 2,200 of them! – can help you to make the most out of your gaming experience by allowing you to make in-game purchases. These can help you to boost your team’s training and accelerate their rise up the rankings.

NB: Do not confuse FUT coins with FUT points (also called FIFA points), as the coins must be earned by playing in Ultimate Team matches, completing Squad Building Challenges that offer coins as a reward, or earned through trading legally on the Transfer Market as you buy and sell players. They cannot be earned or acquired any other way without earning the disapproval of the game developers.

FUT points, however, are a different story, and these can be bought without repercussions. Fun fact: they are considered a virtual currency as they meet the currency requirements of both the European Central Bank and the US Treasury’s definitions! FUT points can be used to bypass the slow accumulation of FUT coins so the player can build their team faster. You can buy FUT Draft Entries which can then be won back with strategic play and by winning. This gives you coins or points to go again, and perhaps double your money.

Ways to Play

  • Story mode

  • The Journey – play along with Alex Hunter’s rags to riches story arc, alongside his sister, Kim, and best friend, Danny Williams. They both get their shot at the big time too, with Kim being selected for the US national side and Danny getting a shot at Premier League playing too. Alex and Danny face up against each other, adding a surprisingly emotional twist to the otherwise stats and figures-rooted game.

  • Multiplayer

  • Available in online and offline modes Put your teams together and play in a host of challenges against other plays, whether local or via a server

  • Team Games

  • Get your ideal team into perfect shape and then play your way to the top of the division and then to the top of the top division.

  • Squad Battle Challenges

  • Earn coins and points to best your opponents at the Squad challenge, boosting the coffers nicely to invest back into the team: win-win!

  • Weekly Division Rivals

  • Play to improve your team’s rankings in the league – whichever league you are in, or fight for promotion to the big time!

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