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03 November 2015
Review by BoBin

Game bought on IG

Awesome service :).FIFA 16 burst onto the scene with a hail of publicity aided by high-profile tweets from a number of the game's top stars.

And boy, it's good to have it back.

It's hard to know why I, and millions of other football fans across the world, get so excited about the release of a new game that is, let's face it, basically the same thing year on year.

But we do and FIFA is back with it's usual raft of tweaks designed to keep the game moving forward as well as the usual staple of fan favourites. AS PREDICTABLE as conceding a 90th minute equaliser when you need a win to go up on Ultimate Team, comes the latest FIFA game to coincide with the start of the new football season.

  • NONE

07 May 2017
Review by Greuceanu (read 9 reviews)

Game bought on IG

If you are a fifa lover this is a game u must have in your collection :D up to date graphics and interesting menus + gameplay . Gotta love this site !!

Wish online was a bit better but offline is perfect for time killing :D

  • Cheap
  • Awesome Game
  • Online

22 September 2016
Review by Jogach

Game bought on IG

Il reste du travail mais ce fifa 16 était un bon cru globalement. Mon regret et la défense à améliorer
Le deviens pro pourrait être plus profond également, globalement tous les modes carrières gagneraient en qualité si il y avait plus de petites anecdotes réalistes.
Ca reste LA référence des jeux de foot :)

  • carrière
  • défense

17 September 2016
Review by DidzejZakonnica

Grate game you can play with friends and family.The manager mode is realy good as you can manage your team to the victory. I presolny like all the fifas that came out and i realy like this website and i will buy from here again

  • super Graphics
  • Family friendly

04 May 2016
Review by zoLa

Game bought on IG

Very good an fast ever buying is best site for video games
l everthing buy on instast game
instast gaming is fast cehap and best price in zhe world very good and nice suportt.
l buy 2 counter strike code and fifa 16


11 February 2016
Review by Njofra

Game bought on IG

The game is very good. The graphics is better then Fifa15 but it's still very fast gameplay. The shitty thing is online because the searching for other players is way big and boring. Other things are okey

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Online

24 January 2016
Review by Antonijo (read 9 reviews)

i dont know where to start
singleplayer:Career is better but transfers are not realistic
Gamepaly:grapichs is 10/10 but gameplay is not realistic.Its to fast(better for online)
Online:very bad because lot of cheaters in FUT and Online seasons.
If you wanna play offline buy if you wanna play online buy if you have the patience waittng for normal opponents

  • career
  • Grapichs
  • Fut draft
  • Online opponents

17 November 2015
Review by Lordspilzington

Game bought on IG

Game is very poorly optimized for PC, had multiple saves corrupt, and the lack of border less window makes game very awkward to play. Gameplay is wonderful and multiplayer works well, but poor experience overall due to bad port

  • Gameplay is as slick as to be expected
  • Multiplayer servers work well
  • Poor optmisation

15 November 2015
Review by fanboykenshin

Game bought on IG

Excellence quality of the game. Thanks to Instant Gaming for fast delivery within 2 hours. The latest edition improves attacking and defensive balance compared to last edition which emphasize on face pace attacking football.

  • Passing football is back to action

18 October 2015
Review by Rafenzo (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Un bon jeu, comme chaque années, mais on regrettera le manque habituel de changements qui sont encore (selon moi) trop minime pour passer de FIFA 15 au 16, mais si vous êtes fan de foot et de la licence, foncez ! Ce sont des petits changements, mais qui sont tout de même plaisante.

  • Toujours plus d'animations
  • La défense retravaillé
  • FUT Draft
  • Ajouts du mode carrière
  • Les équipes féminine
  • Le mode carrière joueur toujours délaissé
  • Manque de nouveautés par rapport au anciens opus
  • Bugs récurent fidèle au FIFA toujours pas corrigès
  • Encore les mêmes commentaires à deux trois phrases près
  • Frappes enroulées qui passe facilement

12 October 2015
Review by gamer-ab5de9

Game bought on IG

Used Instant-Gaming to get FIFA 16 with two paysafecards for a price of 34Eur, got my game with no problems, definately gonna suggest them to my friends and perhaps buy more games! Now its time to load fut my friend.

  • Fast

11 October 2015
Review by mijailo85 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game. Much better than fifa 15 but in the other hand very similar also. More thinking is needed when creating actions and chances which is great thing. Defence is more pronounce and much more improved which is also great to see.

  • Great options
  • Great graphich
  • Great mods
  • Great selection of teams
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Not addictive as other game

10 October 2015
Review by Tactics

Game bought on IG

Improves on last years game by adding more realistic, slower paced play with quick busts in attacking chances. The training mode was a good idea but is unbalanced as a player can grow 14 ratings in a singal season.

  • More realistic while being fun.
  • Still not improved the player career much.

08 October 2015
Review by Funzcity (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Its My 3rd Game From FIFA Series Which I Have Bought From IG, & I Cant Say Anything About There Superb Service & Super Fast Delivery :) Happy To Being An IG Customer & The Best Place For My Money's Worth :)

  • 10

04 October 2015
Review by Excellent

Game bought on IG

Toujours une bonne simulation de foot. Le premier que j'achète depuis fifa 12 alors bon, ça change.
Bon après l'ajout des femmes est un peu anecdotique et ne sers franchement à rien...
A voir l'évolution avec les différentes mises à jours.

  • graphisme
  • Nombre de licences
  • Commentaires français

27 September 2015
Review by Gabe (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

The game is not bad , but the online stuff is horrible , i have to wait 30 mint to find an opponent , the ultimate team is sh*t as well i got only low players but iam playing againts the top one , the tactical defending is horrible and u cant turn it back to legacy in online mode.The game is a big disapointment for me.

  • new squads,
  • better graphic
  • to long wait time in online matches no opponents
  • ultimate team hase no ballance
  • no match lobbies for quick play
  • average waiting time to join a game is 20min
  • cant switch from tactical to legacy defending in online games

24 September 2015
Review by Subhadeep

Game bought on IG

Game is good but almost same as Fifa 15, can be called Fifa 15.2 in terms of graphics . Gameplay is better than fifa 15 though. About IG : Excellent service and on time delivery. This is my 1st buy and will buy again the future.

  • Gameplay is better than fifa 15
  • almost same as Fifa 15, can be called Fifa 15.2 in terms of graphics

24 September 2015
Review by ankit

game is very smooth and fun to play .passing and build up play is necessary for scoring goal. and thankyou IG for instant key delievery .got ahead of release day and the service is very fast,will buy it again and again

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