Portal in real life, rescuing Battlefront III & The Witcher short that screams for a whole movie

Portal: Creating magic with Hololens

Since the madness of virtual reality came, we've been finding new projects that use this technology to develop games, movies...all over the Internet. But it hasn't been the same with augmented reality. That's why today we want to show you this demo, made by developer Kenny Wang. He's focused on using this tech to develop games.

Wang, that already created a little Pokémon game, has decided now to use Portal in augmented reality and bring it to real life thanks to Microsoft's Hololens. 

For the moment, the demo is not available to download, and you also need a pair of Hololens (yup, add 3.000 euros to the budget), but if you already have them, here...

The Total War mod for GoT fans, Doom and Alien in one & the Metroid prequel

Total War: When you can recreate Game of Thrones on your favourite game

As we already told you, this start of year doesn't look bad at all. Between betas like de For Honor and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and releases like Diluvion or Resident Evil 7, we've been pretty busy this past weeks. And it looks like we're not going to stop anytime soon, because the calendar looks packed right now. So, we're pretty happy that you keep track of everything with us through Twitter and, we hope we can do it through Twitch too, soon! 

Even if it looks impossible, we're quite polyvalent, and besides our daily work, we also have time to find cool stuff to show you every week. In this case, we want to start...

Resident Evil remade, Planet Coaster with a Star Wars look & games in black and white

Resident Evil: Remaking the 1996 classic

What a week we just ended. It looks like 2017 will be a busy year with all the releases we're already having. Just this week we had two, with Resident Evil 7 and Tales of Berseria, but we saw what's to come and February doesn't look bad at all. 

With Resident Evil 7 coming out, we just took a trip down memory lane and we revisited all the entries from the franchise. And it was thanks to this trip that we found this amazing project: a modder has decided to recreate the first entry of the saga, but changing a little bit the perspective. 

Rod Lima, that is a big Resident Evil fan, has used the mansion and character models from Resident Evil:...

Skyrim on Switch & PC, the grandpa that wants to play and the tennis player with an anger issue

Skyrim: How much difference is between the Switch and PC versions?

This week, we've had Nintendo Switch for everyone. Since the official presentation that Nintendo did the past 13th of January, we had news for everyone and about everything. One of the news that caught more our attention, apart from the final console price (Yeeees, is not that bad, but we hoped for a little lower price), what that Skyrim will finally going to be on Switch. 

The confirmation has brought also a ton of information about this Skyrim port for the new big N console and there's some people that already even had time to compare the graphics of Skyrim's Switch and PC versions. 

We don't want you to take this...

Fallout 4 in the 90's style, surgeries through the PC and a Sonic 2006 fan made remake

Fallout: Redesign in a 90's style

We're back at it again and, after a catching up week, we've already recovered the pace after the holidays. Besides all the trailers and gameplays that we missed, we've also catchep up with all the random websites we follow weekly and that publish all the curious things we bring you on every post. 

One of those websites was the one who published about this Fallout 4 mod which we start the post and that a lot of you will be curious about.

The mod is called Revolted and turns Fallout 4 into a 90's style shooter, from the graphics to the platforming. In this game you're the Overseer of Vault 102 and you must take back control of the Vault from the evil...

Liberty City coming to GTA V, Fallout in CNN news and how LEGO saved this kids Christmas

GTA V: The best city in the best version of all

And we're officially back! After a few days of rest and celebrations we're here again and we start the year with full recharged batteries. We've a lot of surprises prepared and we want to already warn you that 2017 will be full of new things that you will absolutely love.

While we wait until we can tell you all about them, we're going to start with the first 2017 post and what better way to start than with GTA V. Even if we already talked to you about the Rockstar title many times, in this case we won't be showing you any tricks or mods that turn the game into an absolute madness. In this post we want to show you what will be THE MOD.


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