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The best Fallout New Vegas mod, an awesome Zelda fan film & Super Mario enters the underworld

The Frontier: El mod más increíble de Fallout New Vegas

We're not very handy and most of the times, we just play games as they come, with no tricks or modifications. But then we find mods like this one for Fallout New Vegas and we just start even thinking about creating our own mods (but the desire of doing so vanishes as fast as it came because, as we said, we're not pretty handy hahahaha). 

This mod we're talking about is called The Frontier and, once is finished, will remake all the initial Fallout New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment. In this case, the mod will add a new campaign with a new map, enemies, weapons and quests. 

Here you have the last trailer made by all the...

Finishing Dishonored 2 at full speed, Final Fantasy XV in PS One and a very special escape room

Dishonored 2: Finishing the story faster at full speed

This past week Dishonored 2 was released and we're pretty surprised about how good the game looks. We were not that convinced about it and it was a great surprise to finally get our hands on it and see how the story plays out for Emily and Corvo Atano. 

It has been a little more than a week after the release but we already found a lot of players that are trying to establish the first records in the game. One of the most common is the speedrun that, for those of you who don't know what we're talking about or just need a reminder, consists on finishing the game as fast as possible. And Dishonored 2 was not going to be an exception for...

Tomb Raider II fan remake, 30.000 deaths for one win and Titanfall 2 in PC and consoles

Tomb Raider II: The fan dream remake come true

As we suppose you already know by now, Tomb Raider is celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year and there've been a lot of events and special actions to celebrate it. But besides the official calendar we just found a project that has impressed us and that's not related to the official anniversary, but that has also Lara Croft as main star: a remake of Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xian.

Nicobass is the person behind this project and has been him who, since this past May, has updated everyone about the project on his website. Since then, he's been building piece by piece all the video game from scratch, all with Crystal Dynamic's...

Twitch's mature audience star, the best Dragon Ball cosplay and the most realistic fighting venues

Squirrel: Twitch beyond shooters

Before starting today's post, that you see it starts in a really curious way, we want to take some lines to tell you how good was Paris Games Week. Some IG team members travelled there to see some of our partners (most of them French ones) and to have some meetings with studios and really cool companies from the industry that we hope we'll end up working with us really really soon.

The truth is that we're quite surprised, in a good way, and that we had four awesome non stop days. It was totally worth it. The vibes, the people, the games...we've been dreaming for four days and we hope that all the hard work done there pays off and we can give you some...

The real For Honor, San Francisco in Cities Skylines and the most difficult level to create on Doom

For Honor: When the alpha version surprises you

Well, you know that we've been kind of busy with the Battlefield 1 release (at least by the number of pre-order that we had it looks like you were pretty aware of it haha), but now the stress is gone and we can continue with the rest of games that are waiting for us until the end of the year, and they're not just a few of them! One of this games is For Honor, that since it was announced has made quite the division here at the office. We have team members that are not fans of the title and that don't believe it's going to be a good game, while the other half is totally in love with the game and get's really hyped with every new...

Battlefield 1 from different perspectives, Nintendo Switch and the funniest wrestlers of the WWE

Battlefield 1: Two perspectives of the same game

Now it's real. We can finally say that Battlefield 1 has been released! Now we just have to download it and start enjoying the great game it is (at least based on what we've been able to see and try for the moment). If you're still hesitating on getting it, today we want to start with a graphics comparison. Yes, the ones you like so much and the ones who end up convincing you.

On this video you can see how it looks Battlefield 1 on PC (on ultra) and how it looks the EA and DICE title on Xbox One. We can already tell you that the PC beats every other version by far and that it's a game that really pays off to see in high resolution. For...