Counter Strike celebrates Christmas, Civilization VI in real map and the best Planet Coaster rides

CSGO: The Christmas spirit also comes to CS maps

As we already told you last week, this is our last post before Christmas holidays. Yes, HOLIDAYS! We can't even start to believe that another year has passed by and that we have some days to rest a bit, after the crazy autumn that we just had. Now it's time to recharge batteries and come back better than ever for a very interesting 2017. That's exactly what we will do.

But, before we go, we want to leave you here some funny things, so we don't lose good habits hahaha and the first one has a lot to do with Christmas and the holidays that we're starting to celebrate. This past two weeks we've seen all kind of posts related to Christmas from...

The game theater, Skyblivion mod progress and the Atari 2600 emulator

ESC: A massive screen and 29 game players

We're pretty sure that you've been in a mall, even if you're not into the idea of sharing your space and time with millions of families, teenagers or even old people that doesn't have anything better to do than to visit a mall. To buy stuff, to go to the movies or even to go bowling or to play with arcades, malls are a little bit for everything. But from now on (if you didn't know about what we'll tell you today), you will add another reason to go to a mall: playing video games.

And no, we're not talking about video game tournaments, like the ones that take place in malls sometimes, but about an actual game theater with a massive screen where up...

The most popular trailers, recreating the classic Counter and a short movie that deserves an Oscar

Youtube: The most popular trailers of 2016

We didn't finish the year yet, but we've already started to see the typical lists/articles to catch clicks about a different million things that every December pop-up everywhere. In this case we want to show you just one of this lists on the blog. But, we warn you that it will be the first and the last that we'll show you here haha.

The list we're talking about is the one made by Google about the most popular video game trailers of 2016 on Youtube. This ranking has been made taking in account the total views of every video and just includes games that were released in 2016. That's why titles like God of War are not featured, even if they had...

Watch Dogs 2 from every angle, No Guy's Sky & an unforgettable board game

Watch Dogs 2: A great surprise to end the year in the best way possible

This week we started streaming on some of our official Twitch channels and we can't be more happy about it. Our first live, that we did in Spain, France and Germany, was a real success and we've decided to repeat profiting that Steep is just being released. So if you're also curious about this game and you want to join us, you're more than welcome to do so in one of the three channels. We hope we can extend it soon to our English and Italian channels too. 

Besides how happy we're about the stream and the comments and well wishes that you sent us, we're also happy about the game we chose to start: Watch Dogs 2. It's...

The best Fallout New Vegas mod, an awesome Zelda fan film & Super Mario enters the underworld

The Frontier: El mod más increíble de Fallout New Vegas

We're not very handy and most of the times, we just play games as they come, with no tricks or modifications. But then we find mods like this one for Fallout New Vegas and we just start even thinking about creating our own mods (but the desire of doing so vanishes as fast as it came because, as we said, we're not pretty handy hahahaha). 

This mod we're talking about is called The Frontier and, once is finished, will remake all the initial Fallout New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment. In this case, the mod will add a new campaign with a new map, enemies, weapons and quests. 

Here you have the last trailer made by all the...

Finishing Dishonored 2 at full speed, Final Fantasy XV in PS One and a very special escape room

Dishonored 2: Finishing the story faster at full speed

This past week Dishonored 2 was released and we're pretty surprised about how good the game looks. We were not that convinced about it and it was a great surprise to finally get our hands on it and see how the story plays out for Emily and Corvo Atano. 

It has been a little more than a week after the release but we already found a lot of players that are trying to establish the first records in the game. One of the most common is the speedrun that, for those of you who don't know what we're talking about or just need a reminder, consists on finishing the game as fast as possible. And Dishonored 2 was not going to be an exception for...

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